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Fairy Tail: Friendship!

Fairy Tail: Friendship! TW

icon 7.1
Initial release May 23, 2021
The original FAIRY TAIL, published by Garena and licensed by Kodansha, is a classic re-imagining of the original content!

- Authorized by Kodansha, the classic is a re-creation of the original content.
With the help of the original voice cast and the original animation plot, players can review the wonderful plot of the animation from a new perspective in the game; control the customizable original characters to travel through the magic world and fight alongside the strongest team of Goblin Tail!

- Goblin Tail, the strongest team to help you.
In the game's unique battle system, players can join Naze, Lucy, Gray, Elsa, Wendy... and other popular characters of "Magician Boys" on the adventure; free configuration and training of favorite magicians to help you fight, creating a unique and strong team! The game's unique battle system allows players to fight with Naze, Lucy, Gray, Elsa, Wendy, and other popular characters, and freely train their favorite magicians to create the strongest team in the game!

- A duel RPG to test your battle strategy!
The battle mode is turn-based, and the allocation of teams, the choice of beasts and the order of magic will all affect the outcome of the battle, testing your strategic skills! You'll be able to use continuity techniques and combos with the Magician Boy helper characters during battle, which will upgrade the bloodthirsty battle scenes in the anime game.

- You can choose from nine different professions to become the strongest Magician.
The nine magician professions: Transformation, Power, Speed, Soundwave, Snowdance, Guardian, Writing, Pharmacy, and Cure.

- Create your own guild and take on S-class quests.
Each magus is free to create or join a guild, making your guild mates the strongest support for your adventures! Build cohesion with Goblin's Tail and challenge the S-quests against the Dark Guild!

- Become the most powerful merchant in the world of magic.
In the Wizarding World, the player is not only a magician, but also a merchant; the player not only buys items he needs in the shop, but also sells items he doesn't need. You can buy items in the shop, but you can also sell items you don't need. Go to the trading house! Every player can become a calculating merchant of the otherworld!

- Voice chat and social system, adventure is not alone.
In addition to the guild, players can also chat with magicians on the World Channel to find partners for common adventures; when you are confused, you can use the Mentor/Apprentice system to guide you in the direction of further education; when you are lonely, you can use the Romantic Marriage mode to find the right person to fight with. In addition, the in-game voice chat system allows players to communicate with each other with no time difference, creating the most "scorching" battles!
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Garena Games Online
Traditional Chinese
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What is the latest version of Fairy Tail: Friendship!? When was this game updated?icon

The latest version of Fairy Tail: Friendship! is 5.11.112, updated at 2021-05-23.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Fairy Tail: Friendship! is Garena Games Online.

Can I play Fairy Tail: Friendship! on Android/iOS?icon

No. But you can pre-register Fairy Tail: Friendship! on TapTap.

What languages are supported by the game?icon

Fairy Tail: Friendship! supports 1 languages including Traditional Chinese etc.

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