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Feather Party

Feather Party

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Welcome to the Feather Party, the ultimate multiplayer party game madness set on the adorable planet of chicks! Gather your friends or compete against other players with quick play options for a super-fun and chaotic experience with up to 8 players.

Hub of Fun:
Dive into the heart of the Feather Party universe with Lobby Island – your central hub for excitement! Customize your adorable character, explore a variety of game options, and spend your time in this gateway to fun, a brief escape before diving into the thrilling mini-game challenges.

The “Party” Mode:
Dive into 15 dynamic mini-games (with more on the horizon!), each offering a unique challenge in the "Party" mode, where players compete head-to-head to reach the target score. Score goals as a team in Football, feel the speed in Track Race, face diverse challenges with unique mechanics, from reaching scores to surviving as the last chick standing. Feather Party promises a variety of games, ensuring every session is an exciting and diverse experience. Compete with friends or others, strategize, and celebrate victory in this feathered extravaganza!

Elemental Chaos and Physics:
Encounter dynamic elements such as ice, electric, and fire, transforming mini-games in delightful and surprising ways. Watch as these forces alter the physics, adding an extra layer of fun and excitement. Customize your avian companion, adapt to the ever-changing chaos, and enjoy the playful, physics-infused gameplay of Feather Party!
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When was this game updated?icon

Feather Party is updated at 2023-05-11.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Feather Party is threeW.

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