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Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare

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Following a mysterious event that took place on an island in Southeast Asia, the entire area has been put under international quarantine. With almost all the civilian population evacuated by the United Nations, three PMCs are tasked by their enigmatic clients to explore the region, uncover its secrets, and bring back anything of value.

REALISM AND TACTICAL GAMEPLAYEmbrace the challenges of a true tactical FPS with extensive weapon customization and actual ballistic simulation. In this high-stakes environment, every decision counts, and every fight could result in the loss of your hard-earned gear and progress.

HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE WEAPONS AND GEARCreate your own firearm that perfectly suits your needs and playstyle. By exchanging, removing, or adding hundreds of various parts, mounts, and accessories, the behavior and performance of each weapon can change, making it adaptable to any situation.

UNIQUE HEALTH SYSTEMLearn the intricacies of Gray Zone Warfare’s unique health system that abandons the widespread idea of hitpoints and instead aims to simulate the human body realistically. Every injury can negatively affect your perception and performance. Correctly identifying the issue and finding the right solution is one of the key elements you have to master in order to stay alive or save the lives of your teammates.

EXPANSIVE LIVING OPEN WORLDExplore a sprawling 42km² of the Democratic Republic of Lamang, a fictional Southeast Asian country inspired by the stunning landscapes of Laos. Utilize explorable Landing Zones and helicopters to move through a persistent world that keeps on living even when you’re not playing.

MATURE STORYImmerse yourself in a mature experience with an engaging storyline told through numerous missions. Encounter a colorful cast of characters, each with their own secrets and agendas. Navigate the web of lies, decide who you can trust, and expose the truth. Nothing is black and white, only different shades of gray…
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MADFINGER Games, a.s.
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When was this game updated?icon

Gray Zone Warfare is updated at 2024-04-09.

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The provider of Gray Zone Warfare is MADFINGER Games.

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