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About the GameA hidden object game where you must find all the bees to complete each level.Key features:🐝 1000+ bees
🖼️ 10 unique artworks
💡 ∞ Unlimited hints if you get stuck
♻️ Restore a small number of bees to a painting so you can find them again!
🍯 Additional bee related objects to find
🎵 Music and ambiance for each artwork
🏆 Achievements
⌨️ Use your keyboard to move/zoom in if you have no scrollwheel
💾 3 save slots
🗑️ Reset progress entirely and play again
🕒 Timer included to show how long you took to complete each levelContext:The brief was simple. I commissioned artists to create a fantasy world, and hide as many bees as they can inside it. Now it’s your job to find them all! With 10 art pieces to choose from, and 1000+ bees, you will have a lot of searching to do.Controls:Use your mouse to move around the image and zoom in / out. When you find a bee, click it and it will disappear. You can also use WASD to move and the arrow keys to zoom.Difficulty:A full range of difficulty is included, but all levels start unlocked, your progress is saved as you play, and you can use hints if you get stuck.Get immersed:Each painting has its own music and ambiance to help you connect with the world, as you search for all the bees.ReplayableYou can restore a small number of bees back into a painting so you can find them again! It’s much harder when there are only a few bees left (especially randomly). You can also use up to 3 save slots so you can replay without progress loss. Alternatively, you can reset your progress for the entire game if you’d like to start over.
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Follow The Fun
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打折?免費! Steam上半年「好評如潮」免費遊戲大匯總!
咻—— 沒想到吧,2023年已經過了大半了!斗膽問大家一句……今年的目標也已經完成過半了嗎? TapTap編輯們在悲嘆時間都去哪兒了之餘,匯集了今年迄今以來最小眾、冷門、口碑超好,竟然還免費的 Steam 獨立遊戲,推薦給大家。 而且這些遊戲全都「好評如潮」哦。趕快來試試吧! 好,話不多說,讓我們進入今天的第一款安利。 噹噹當—— 《Bloody Hell》 銀河城、搞怪、像素 你將扮演一個天使……鴿子,在上帝的旨意下,前往地獄毀滅他的敵人——撒旦。 這是聖潔、祥和的天堂。畫面寧靜甜美,神聖光混灑滿大地。 綠草如茵,噴泉在滋滋冒水,還有小雞仔在歡快地啄食。 但這和你又有什麼關係呢? 鮮花雅舍,那是老闆的住處。我們打工咕咕的命運不過是幫老闆除掉他的敵人罷了。 傻鴿子,該開工了! 進入地獄後,歲月靜好的咕咕像是覺醒了內心深處的渴望,頓時開始了血腥屠殺。 頭上的天使光環成了半自動槍械/機關槍,發射能量光球,把各路妖魔鬼怪打成四濺的番茄醬。


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I commissioned some bees 0 is updated at 2024-01-12.

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The provider of I commissioned some bees 0 is Follow The Fun.

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