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Idle Clans

Idle Clans

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Idle Clans is a multiplayer idle game that aims to provide the classic MMORPG experience in a casual, easy to digest and far less time-consuming manner.

If you've played RPG's before, Idle Clans will make you feel right at home. With almost 20 skills to train and a deep combat system to dive into, you'll discover a ton of fun and interesting ways to progress your account. Even if you're not a role-playing veteran though, we've put a lot of effort into making the game as easily accessible as we could! Skills are as easy to level up in as clicking the objective you want to complete and... that's it! Your character will take care of the rest - even when you go offline!

Smith your armour, craft your weapons, enchant your jewellery to provide different boosts, brew a large variety of potions and prepare for combat! Enemies range all the way from measly turkeys to the bosses behind the locked doors of The Valley of Gods. Or if fighting things isn't your cup of tea, you could sell your hard-earned items to other players in your very own shop.

Another large part of the game, as you might guess from the name, is clans! Create your own or join an established clan to enjoy a variety of benefits on top of the social experience. Clans have their own levels and a fraction of the experience every player gains is sent to the clan. With high enough levels and reputation, leaders of the clan can purchase upgrades that everyone in the clan benefit from. On top of that, there's shared housing and a shared vault that clan members can enjoy.

In game you'll also find leaderboards where you can compete both individually and with your clan.

That's just a fraction of the available content though - come give Idle Clans a closer look! It's free!
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Isam Games
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When was this game updated?icon

Idle Clans is updated at 2024-01-26.

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The provider of Idle Clans is Isam Games.

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