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JUMP: The Stars Assemble

JUMP: The Stars Assemble OBT TW

icon 6.9
Available on iconicon
Initial release Jan 22, 2024
[Game Introduction] "JUMP: Stars Assemble" is a 5V5 MOBA game created by combining a number of well-known comic IPs serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" published by Shueisha. It is authorized and fully supervised by Shueisha. The game contains a number of well-known comic works, including the familiar "Dragon Ball", "ONE PIECE~One Piece~", "Naruto", "BLEACH", "Demon Slayer", and "Jutsu Kaisen" , "Unlucky", "Muscle Magician -MASHLE-"... and other well-known IPs, players will be able to use the characters that appear in the original work, play against friends, experience the fun brought by competitive games, and feel all the characters The charm of IP, relive the passion and emotion brought by the comics. [Game Features] (1) JUMP All-Star Fantasy Gathers a fantastic combination. In the game, players can enjoy using the characters from each well-known comic book to fight, and use different characters with teammates to achieve a fantastic joint battle. Feel the charm of JUMP All-Stars together (2) The most passionate 5V5 MOBA competitive gameplay and the most passionate comics. Take advantage of the classic 5V5 MOBA gameplay. Choose your favorite comic characters and fight with your partners to enjoy a hearty and passionate competition. Bar! (3) Classic Eternal Juice Reappears in the World of JUMP The features of each work are completely reproduced in the game! Including art design, scene style, and map design, you can travel across the world view and enjoy the JUMP world (4). Character skills are 100% restored. Skills are extremely restored. You can use Wukong's "Turtle Style Qigong Wave" and Luffy in the game. "Rubber·Rocket"...and other character-specific skills, unlimited operations for refreshing combos! Use your teammates to perform fantastic combos with your characters! (5) Diversified and rich gameplay. In addition to traditional MOBA matching, there are also 5v5 ranked team battles, 3v3v3 Dragon Ball battles... and other different gameplays. Bring your favorite heroes to fight! [Contact Us] Game Name: JUMP: Stars Gather Customer Service Email: [email protected] [Notes] (1) This game is free to use, and there are paid services such as the purchase of virtual game coins and items. (2) Please pay attention to game time and avoid addiction.
What’s new


- 5v5 MOBA 戰鬥:群星模擬戰·排位、匹配、AI供你挑選想玩的模式,與自己喜愛的漫畫角色以及戰友夥伴們並肩戰鬥。搶先擊敗敵方基地,贏得戰場勝利
- 3V3V3 MOBA 戰鬥:龍珠爭奪戰,玩家分為紅、藍、黃三隊,爭奪七顆龍珠。 7分鐘決定勝負,積分最多或蒐齊7顆龍珠者獲勝
- 迎接知名漫畫角色,如「七龍珠」、「ONE PIECE~航海王~」、「火影忍者」、「BLEACH死神」、「鬼滅之刃」、「咒術迴戰」、「不死不運」、「肌肉魔法使-MASHLE-」、「HUNTER x HUNTER 獵人」等,體驗漫畫角色在戰場上的快感
- 體驗遊戲各項功能與內容,以新手補給、活躍活動、任務...等推遊戲成長,透過《刊物中心》及《星躍名冊》獲取更豐富的資源以及漫畫角色

Additional information
Program Twenty Three
Last Updated on
Content Rating
12 歲以上
out of 10

What’s happening

Comment to Win $5! BLEACH, Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball... all in JUMP: Assemble!
Share Your Memory of JUMP: Assemble to Win $5 From 13th April to 17th April, share your memories or your favorite character in JUMP: Assemble with a photo. We'll choose 10 players in the comment section and give away a gift of $5! How to win the reward? Event time: 13 April 09:00 (PDT) -- 17 April 24:00 (PDT) During the event period, reply to this post with your memories in JUMP: Assemble (including but not limited to your favourite characters, and the impact of JUMP: Assemble on your life) will be considered successful participation.
TapTap Editor68K2024-04-11
👍 Pros: Character variety (being able to play as characters you love has its perks) F2P Friendly (you can buy characters if you wish to get them instantly, but you can just as easily earn them for free by playing the game) Fun Arcade Mode (Dragon ball mode is all about the s quick scuffle fights to steal enemy teams dragon balls to win the game) Balanced characters (no characters is wildly stronger than another, its simply how you use its skills to your advantage)
Toonafish 24K2024-03-29
Under maintenance hmp.. Its not done yet 😂 👍 Pros: I love it. It does have Characters that have the same skills as the anime. Enjoyable and very fun. 👎 Cons: I do think Yuji must have sukuna vessel activated HAHAH but i think its okay to have ult with blackflash cause that's his power. 🎮 Gameplay: Very lag especially if the phone doesn't support the Old specs. Gladly that I have a 4gb Ram and Huawei Kirin 710a but my processor isn't enough. It does crash 1 time. Fps drop is felt... But they improved a lot since yesterday, they made the frame rate to have extreme option to make the gameplay smoother.


When was this game updated?icon

JUMP: The Stars Assemble is updated at 2024-03-28.

what's new in the latest version of JUMP: The Stars Assemble?icon

New feature - 5v5 MOBA battle: Star simulation battle, ranking, matching, and AI allow you to choose the mode you want to play and fight side by side with your favorite comic characters and comrades. Defeat the enemy base first and win the battlefield - 3V3V3 MOBA battle: Dragon Ball battle, players are divided into three teams: red, blue and yellow to compete for seven dragon balls. The winner will be decided in 7 minutes. The one with the most points or all 7 Dragon Balls will win - Meet famous comic characters such as "Dragon Balls", "ONE PIECE~One Piece~", "Naruto", "BLEACH", "Demon Slayer" "Blade", "Spell Return", "Unlucky", "Muscle Magician -MASHLE-", "HUNTER x HUNTER Hunter", etc., experience the thrill of comic characters on the battlefield - experience various functions and contents of the game, Promote the growth of the game with novice supplies, active activities, tasks, etc., and obtain richer resources and comic characters through the "Publication Center" and "Star Jump Roster"

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of JUMP: The Stars Assemble is Program Twenty Three.

Can I play JUMP: The Stars Assemble on Android/iOS?icon

Now JUMP: The Stars Assemble is available on iOS.

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