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Kill It With Fire 2

Kill It With Fire 2

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Q: What has eight legs and wields command over the entire space-time continuum?


Welcome to the multiverse. It's full of spiders.
The one good thing about spiders was that once you left Earth, you didn’t have to deal with them very much. Now they’ve invaded the ENTIRE multiverse.

But wherever there exist spiders, there exist those destined to face them down: The Exterminators. That's you, by the way. So strap in, take a deep breath and plunge headlong into one of these interdimensional portals.

That's what we pay you for! You are being paid, right?

Play with friends in four player co-op or go head-to-head in Spider Hunt PvP
But you don’t need to face your fears alone! Collect your three least arachnophobic friends and play through the entire game in a 4-player, online co-op mode.

Friends not pulling their weight? Challenge them to prove themselves in “Spider Hunt”, a Spiders vs. Exterminators PvP mode where you can play as an arachnid for the first time. Throw webs to slow exterminators down, perform daring acts of parkour to escape justice, or simply hide in a vase and watch the chaos unfold while laughing manically.

Of course, the Exterminators will have a host of tools and weapons to hunt spiders down, so you better hope nobody has picked up the tracker...

Arm yourself with the latest in sci-fi weaponry
Utilize the latest advancements in cutting-edge multiverse technology and upgrades to hunt down the arachnids, then exploit their classic Achilles heel: FLAMES — or lead showers. Or earth-shattering kabooms, remote control vehicles, lasers… crushing under heavy objects… honestly, they're pretty weak to most forms of violence.

Game FeaturesScream like a big baby when a spider is lurking under your laser pistol.
Murder that spider for startling you. You're not a baby, it was the spider's fault.
Play the entire story campaign in four-player online co-op, or fight against friends in the PVP Spider Hunt mode across multiple maps
Explore the depths of the multiverse from the Wild West to the very origins of spider-kind.
Visit strange new worlds, discover new life and new civilisations... and absolutely obliterate them in the name of spider-murdering justice!
Discover a brand new story told through the eyes of people not fortunate enough to own their own flamethrowers.
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Casey Donnellan Games LLC
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When was this game updated?icon

Kill It With Fire 2 is updated at 2024-02-07.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Kill It With Fire 2 is Casey Donnellan Games.

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