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Kitten Match

Kitten Match

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Initial release Jan 15, 2020
Welcome to Kitten Match! Here you can design and decorate the mansion with lovely talking cats by solving match-3 puzzles. If you think this is not fun enough, don’t worry, feed cats, dress them up, and play with them, we have what beyond your imagination! Come and join us now, cats are waiting for you!

How can you refuse a helpless sweet kitten when she looks into your eyes? Help and care for the kitten, design, and decorate apartments by solving match 3 puzzles!

Every sweet kitten deserves a nice human. Take care of the adorable kittens, restore mansions, and adventure in the world of match 3 games! Your beloved kitties will always be by your side!

Successful of beating colorful match 3 levels deliver you food, suits for the cats, and materials that you can renovate your mansion. The more chapters you can unlock, the bond with your sweet kitten is more tightly! Don’t hesitate, meet your cute kitten pal and start your journey!

The game features:
● Storyline: Decorate your mansions with your sweet kitten pal and encounter other cat friends!

● House design: Lights, furniture, wallpapers, floors, all on your decisions! You are the master of remodeling!

● Care for cats: feed kittens and dress them up! Pet cute cats and enjoy their purring!

● Exciting match 3 levels: challenge the puzzles, make powerful boosters, and blast gems!

● Communicate and compete with your Facebook friends! You can also send and receive free additional lives to/from them!

Make yourself and your little kitten a cozy home and give them a feeling of family! Thousands of pieces of furniture give you the freedom to inspire creativity and remodel when you want. Cuddly kittens will be proud of you!

Kitten Match is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kittenmatch/

Questions? Contact our tech support team at [email protected]
What’s new

The weather is warming up, and the sunshine is brilliant. Now join our spring outdoor party and have some fun with us! Meow~

1. Main Story:
- 1 new room: Celebration Street
- 200 new levels (current highest level: 7,055)
2. Special Events:
- New event: "Summon"
- New Kitten Base: "Floral Forest"
3. Optimization:
- Optimization of levels, events and features

Thank you for your support of Kitten Match, have fun!

Additional information
Special Gamez Technology Co., Ltd.
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When was this game updated?icon

Kitten Match is updated at 2024-03-25.

what's new in the latest version of Kitten Match?icon

Protect the oceans with Kitty, and learn the story of kitten guardians...

1. Storyline Updates:
- 1 new room: Design Workshop
- 200 new levels (current highest level: 7,255)
2. Special Events:
- A new Kitten's Journey
- A new Kitten Base: "Ocean Park"
3. Optimization:
- Optimization of levels, events and features

Thank you for your support of Kitten Match, have fun!

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Kitten Match is Special Gamez Technology.

Can I play Kitten Match on Android/iOS?icon

Now Kitten Match is available on iOS.

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