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A huge new update is now live! The Big Build Update adds farm and farmhouse customisation, building projects including bridges and Hob damaged houses, brand new gameplay gating, a beautiful feature-packed progress screen, a new challenge system with over 450 new objectives with rewards, story cut-scenes, combat totems around the world, loads of new and improved dialogue and many more changes.

Embark on a lifetime of adventure in a beautiful world of creativity and intrigue. Raise a family, customise your farm, run a business, craft items, and battle some marvellously malevolent monsters.

Your actions and decisions matter in our adventurous story filled with purpose and promise. Lend a helping hand to villagers in need and discover the unique blend of creativity and choice that sets Kynseed apart. Come and join us - your legacy awaits!

Story based RPG set in beautiful regions with battles against dark faery tale creatures.
Customise your farm and farmhouse using Kynseed's new customisation mode with hundreds of items and limitless design possibilities.
Run a business such as a blacksmith, apothecary, or goods store.Develop relationships with villagers who will remember your deeds, actions, and pranks!Combat the evil Hob army as they construct powerful totems and cause the destruction of crops and buildings.
Rebuild broken houses and buildings for your neighbours and new NPCs.Gather materials to create items, forge weapons or mix cures for bizarre maladies.
Buy strange artifacts from the mysterious Mr. Fairweather - items that can aid your chores, help you in combat, or just let you mess with the world. But be warned of his life tax; each item must be paid with years of your life!A world where everyone ages - raise a family then step into your children's shoes and continue your legacy.
In Kynseed, live your life the way you choose in a lovingly handcrafted 2D open world. It’s a beautiful RPG adventure from a couple of tea-making veterans of the Fable series.


PixelCount Studios is a small team of independent developers who have come together to build the game of their dreams. Kynseed is an original RPG inspired by the charm, eccentricity, and humour that permeated Lionhead Studios’ games. PixelCount Studios was founded by Fable alumni Charlie Edwards and Neal Whitehead and is Chaired by game industry legend Sir Ian Livingstone.
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PixelCount Studios
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Kynseed Exits Early Access in December for a Sandbox RPG from Fable Devs
Kynseed, a top-down sandbox adventure RPG made by former Fable developers at PixelCount Studios, will launch in full for PC on December 6, 2022 after spending four years in early access. The Kynseed release date trailer showcases more of its cheery art style, lively sprites, and many of the activities that will keep players busy. It’s easy to see the similarities between this upcoming indie gem and


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Kynseed is updated at 2024-02-16.

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The provider of Kynseed is PixelCount Studios.

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