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Laya's Horizon

Laya's Horizon

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icon 7.3
Available on iconicon
Initial release May 26, 2023
Available exclusively for Netflix members.

“It’s one of the best games to hit Netflix’s fledgling gaming service to date.” — The Verge

“An engaging, cozy and responsive experience” — Engadget

“It’s as close to perfect as a mobile game gets” — Esquire

“A truly magical experience” — TouchArcade

Master the art of flying. Dive off mountains, weave across forests and glide over rivers to unlock new abilities as you explore a vast, peaceful world.

Use the ancient power of the Windfolk's enchanted capes to hone your skills, take on challenges and fly through obstacle courses that will make your heart soar. Explore an expansive island in this open-world adventure inspired by wingsuit flying.


• Flying at your fingertips: Inspired by the real-world sport of wingsuit flying, the position of Laya's arms change the shape of her cape just like a bird's wings. Move your thumbs independently or together to steer, boost, rise and dive using intuitive controls.

• Endless exploration: Cut through the air in high-speed races and try not to crash as you carefully maneuver through challenging obstacle courses. If you're in the mood for a relaxing adventure, simply enjoy the beauty of the island and fly without a goal.

• Complete challenges, upgrade your skills: This game is filled with more than 50 exciting missions from many characters, over 40 challenge levels and more than 100 collectables to keep you flying. Unlock capes and charms to help boost your abilities.

• High risk, high reward: Power your flight by flying boldly. Fly close to everything — from hot air balloons to snowy slopes. This will allow you to absorb the island's energy and keep flying fast. If you feel a drop in energy, simply dip low and close to your environment to collect sparks and boost.

• Find your own way to fly: Discover a unique set of flying abilities as you unlock enchanted capes and charms on your journey. Try out different equipment combinations to increase boost speeds, conserve energy and improve maneuverability.

• Get lost in beautiful horizons: From the winding rivers of the Highlands to the towering rock formations of Stone Forest, each patch of terrain offers a distinct flying experience. Weave through narrow caves filled with ancient ruins, skim over massive waves, dodge raging geysers and so much more.

• Meet interactive characters: An eclectic group of people, the Windfolk are as diverse as the land they live on, which makes meeting them as interesting as discovering the island itself.

• Exclusive music and calming design: Original music and handcrafted audio welcome you into the world of the Windfolk. Adaptive audio matches the movement and intensity of your flying for a totally immersive experience. Enjoy an orchestral score that provides the perfect ambience to your flight and environment.

• An improved gamepad experience: We’ve added gamepad support to most menus. Settings and full map control coming soon.

- Created by Snowman.
What’s new

We're always working to bring you the best Netflix Games experience. In this release, we've added new content updates for more exciting gameplay.

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From the Dev

[Special Giveaway #1] Download the game, win netflix membership!
[Special Giveaway #1] Download the game, win netflix membership!
Winner Announcement Which X? delicate q Nemesis kbenny Sin Congratulations to these lucky TapTap Gamers for being the winners. My sincere thanks to everyone for your support and participation! --------------------------------- Laya's Horizon is a new released sandbox wingsuit game from the studio behind Alto's Odyssey. The art style of this game is really my type. However, this game is available exclusively for Netflix members.


When was this game updated?icon

Laya's Horizon is updated at 2023-09-24.

what's new in the latest version of Laya's Horizon?icon

We're always working to bring you the best Netflix Games experience. In this release, we've added new content updates for more exciting gameplay.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Laya's Horizon is Netflix.

Can I play Laya's Horizon on Android/iOS?icon

Now Laya's Horizon is available on Android and iOS.

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