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Life Makeover
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Life Makeover

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Life Makeover is a liberating fashion game where you have the freedom to express your unique style. Customize your virtual persona, experiment with various fashion choices, and dive into the joy of unlimited dress-up possibilities with fashion dye and do-it-yourself (DIY) options. It's your chance to create your own fashion show! Plus, you can even design and build your dream home for free.

[Unleash Your Unique Persona] - Customize Every Detail
Take command of your virtual character and let your style shine. Customize facial features, body shape, and skin tone to break free from conventions and express yourself in your own extraordinary way.

[Elevate Designs with Limitless Wardrobe] - Powered by UE4 Engine
Experience an extensive wardrobe for every occasion, each design flawlessly detailed. Fueled by the cutting-edge UE4 engine and a range of 3D materials, your creations will be impeccably crafted, down to the smallest stitch and embroidery.

[Express with Color, Lead with Style] - The Power of Fashion Dye
Unleash your creativity through the fashion dye feature. Color different parts of your outfits with hundreds of combinations, from dazzling iridescence to perfectly coordinated hues. Be a trailblazer in setting new trends and embody the essence of beauty.

[Your Designs, Your Brand] - DIY Garment Studio
Step into the shoes of a fashion designer. From fabric selection to pattern making, cutting, and printing, oversee every aspect of the creative process. Your designs, your choices, your brand.

[Beyond Fashion, Craft Your Ideal Home] - Unleash a Dream Lifestyle
Personalize your living space with a diverse selection of furniture. Embrace a lifestyle of reading, dancing, working out, hosting parties, raising pets, and much more in your ideal home.

[Uncover Mysteries and Memories] - Immersive Stories with Live2D Cards
Delve into captivating stories and memories brought to life with Live2D cards. Concealed beneath exquisite costumes lie mysteries and clues waiting to be unraveled. Are you prepared to uncover the truth?

[Connect, Create, and Celebrate] - Thrive in a Community of Designers
Join a dynamic community of designers in a boundless universe. Share makeup and outfit ideas, visit friends' homes, host afternoon tea gatherings, and enhance house decor for stunning photos. Forge new friendships and connect with others in the world of Life Makeover.

[Your Journey to Infinite Possibilities] - Beauty, and Freedom
In Life Makeover, you're not just a player; you're a creator. Come and infuse your life with inspiration and imagination. Embrace a world where diversity and freedom reign supreme!
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Archosaur Games
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When was this game updated?icon

Life Makeover is updated at 2023-12-21.

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The provider of Life Makeover is Archosaur Games.

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