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Lineage W

Lineage W Global

icon 4.3
Available on iconicon
Initial release Nov 15, 2022
New Class: Gunslinger

For more details, visit https://lineagew.plaync.com.

▣ Game Introduction ▣

▶ For the World, Lineage W

The true Lineage that gathered everything from the Lineage series that lasted for 24 years
Global scale MMORPG where players all over the world fight for their glories.

▶ Aden World, 150 years later from the original story

Pick a story among lord, knight, fairy, and mage and explore
a dark fantasy world recreated with amazing details.
Explore Aden, 150 years later from the original Lineage

▶ Completely newly designed classic gameplay

From a quarter-view-based perspective to a large-scale siege,
the classic gameplay and essence of Lineage such as battle, honor, blood pledge, and sacrifice
are all packed in Lineage W with a completely new engine and technologies

▶ Battlefield and communication connecting every region and country in service

Players from different regions and countries are connected to a same server and interact
AI-based translation chat support that supports real-time communication between various languages

▣ Official Webpage and Channel ▣
* Official Webpage: https://lineagew.plaync.com
* Official Korean Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8fO3ZAsmI2dMogK5Mojq2g
* Official Global Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQcL_ooESP8rvQa8ogtKkvQ

▣ Lineage W, with PURPLE ▣
You can install PURPLE and Lineage W at the same time on your PC.

▣Lineage W requires the following permissions for an uninterrrupted game play experience.
Optional permissions are not mandatory to play the game, and permissions can be removed or permission settings can be changed subsequently.

[Optional] Storage(Image/Media/File): Permission for screen capture and video capture, access to add/change bulletin posts, 1:1 inquiry, and profile pics
[Optional] Mic: Permission to access audio recording for voice recognition (STT) function and audio recording for video sound and audio
[Optional] Notification: Receive notification on in-game information & promotion

[How to change permission settings]
1. Android 6.0 or higher
- How to remove permission per access: Device Settings > Privacy > Admin > Select an access permission > Select an App > Allow or Remove Permission
- How to remove permission per app: Device Settings > Applications > Select an App > Allow or Remove Permission

2. Android lower than 6.0
Operating system does not support removing each permission for different access; permissions can be removed only when deleting the app.
Upgrading Android to a higher version is recommended.

* Minimum specification: RAM 3 GB

Lineage W Customer Service : https://help.plaync.com
What’s new

- Addition and enhancement in various features
- Adjustments on bugs for stable game service

Additional information
English, Traditional Chinese, Korean
Last Updated on
Network Connection
Content Rating
out of 10

From the Dev

"Lineage W" Start global service on November 4th!
"Lineage W" Start global service on November 4th!
This showcase was prepared to solve users' curiosity and expand communication. Lineage W group leader Lee Seong-gu answered major questions from users through the official website and introduced the game contents in detail.The showcase was broadcast with subtitles in four languages: Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. And Lineage W' announced on the 30th  that it would hold the 2nd online showcase 'Lineage W 2nd Showcase: Answer' and


What is the latest version of Lineage W? When was this game updated?icon

The latest version of Lineage W is 1.7.26, updated at 2023-11-15.

what's new in the latest version of Lineage W?icon

- Addition and enhancement in various features
- Adjustments on bugs for stable game service

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Lineage W is NCSOFT.

Can I play Lineage W on Android/iOS?icon

Now Lineage W is available on iOS.

What languages are supported by the game?icon

Lineage W supports 3 languages including English,Traditional Chinese,Korean etc.

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