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Luffi: Homebound

Luffi: Homebound

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Luffi is returning home after studying abroad at Hartfer's Art Academy. Explore vibrant locations and fill your art journal with a collection of memories and discoveries on your journey. Relax and enjoy a wholesome cozy experience with playful characters on their own journeys through life.

A lived in world
Explore organic locations on your way home. Get lost in the forest burrows, enjoy a treetop tour, explore the nightstone caves. Enjoy the fireworks at Hartfer village, relax in the hot springs on snowy summit or hit the slopes with your snowboard. Each location is filled with life, personality and unique characters to make the world feel alive.

Build Relationships
On your journey, encounter other characters and learn about them. Watch them travel and experience their own adventure alongside yours.
Reminisence about Luffi's past and relationship with his parents, and what it means to finally come home.

Fill in your journal
Each time Luffi finds something new he records it in his journal of memories to share with his family after the adventure is complete. All memories are hand drawn, as luffi showcases his newfound skills from art school.

Musical Vibes
Indulge yourself in a lovely soundtrack scored with a sentimental soul from the very talented Epoch Music duo.

Game Length
Expect a short game roughly 2-4 hours, filled to the brim with sentimental and cozy vibes. There is no combat and the game features a stress-free environment to relax and enjoy at your own pace.
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One Up Plus
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When was this game updated?icon

Luffi: Homebound is updated at 2024-02-06.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Luffi: Homebound is One Up Plus.

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