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Mafia:Dragon City Rises
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Mafia:Dragon City Rises

icon 7.0
Closed beta test live now on Android!
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[Game Introduction]
Welcome to Mafia:Dragon City Rises . Compete with global players and establish your own mafia empire!
Build a strong team of fighters, use various firearms, and control fierce war dragons to challenge opposing forces! Fighting against cunning enemies, fierce battles with live ammunition, competition for resources, and the shocking secrets hidden behind the dragon blood experiment! Let's wait and see who can come out on top.

[Game Features]
Dragon wars. Various types of dragons serve as an important force in battle and help you to expand your sphere of influence.
Gun fighting. With dozens of firearms to choose from, you can wear down the defense lines of hostile forces through intense combat.
Gangsters from various factions all bring their own specialties and charm. A ruthless assassin, a hot-blooded tough guy, a sexy lady and a cute girl will all fight alongside you!
Compete, chat, play PvP and make friends with players from around the globe, and conquer cities with like-minded partners in crime to reach the top of the world.
Rich storylines interweave to piece together the secrets of the game world. You can expose conspiracies of evil forces and learn the past of your gang members.

If you want to develop and grow in "Mafia:Dragon City Rises", a brand new 4X strategy game, you need to shoot to kill your enemies in exciting duels and use the resources on the map reasonably. The game has a vast map for you to explore, and each player rules over their own city, who will be the king of mobsters?
1. Choose your weapon and engage in thrilling duels. Complete missions to carry a fascinating story forwards. When you reach higher levels, more game systems will be unlocked and you get to explore the secrets of dragons.
2. Summon capos to increase your strength. There are unique characters in the game, with each character having their specific skills. They are powerful helpers in building your mafia empire.
3. Take control of the entire city. Develop your own city buildings, improve combat strength, build arsenals and transportation hubs, all of which makes you stronger.
4. Dominate your server. Form an alliance with like-minded friends, make new friends, and experience all the fun and excitement in this massively multiplayer online game.

Discord : https://discord.gg/qBbrbkH8ws

Recommended Devices/CPUs : Android 10 +
Additional information
Rise of Dragons Studio
English, Portuguese
Last Updated on
Network Connection
System Requirements
Android 10 +
Content Rating
Restricted to 15+
out of 10


What is the latest version of Mafia:Dragon City Rises? When was this game updated?icon

The latest version of Mafia:Dragon City Rises is 1.0.3, updated at 2023-07-29.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Mafia:Dragon City Rises is Rise of Dragons Studio.

Can I play Mafia:Dragon City Rises on Android/iOS?icon

No. But you can pre-register Mafia:Dragon City Rises on TapTap.

What languages are supported by the game?icon

Mafia:Dragon City Rises supports 2 languages including English,Portuguese etc.

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