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Maiden Academy: Idle RPG

Maiden Academy: Idle RPG

icon 6.0
Available on iconicon
Initial release Mar 26, 2024
Maiden Academy: IDLE RPG, the most entertaining magical idle RPG of 2024. This is an AFK-style idle card game where you can find everything you desire: idle battles, offline grinding, hero development, and more. With a plethora of mythical characters waiting for you to summon, exquisite illustrations, and cool skills, you can assemble your squad and reach the pinnacle of power! Additionally, there are various dungeon instances and fun gameplay modes waiting for you to unlock, enriching your adventure experience!
Summon mythical heroes on the magical continent and embark on a marvelous journey with players worldwide!

Game Features:

「Exquisitely Designed Characters」
Each character in the game is independently designed by us, featuring exquisite illustrations, cool combat skills, and unique background stories, making the adventure journey more visually appealing.

「Easy-to-Start Automatic Battles」
No complicated processes or need for mastering difficult operations; just gently tap your fingers, and the cool battles will unfold before you. With features like one-click sweeping, automatic battles, and battle acceleration, you can even gain high returns while offline.

「Diverse Hero Development」
Summon a plethora of legendary SSR heroes, along with special light and dark characters waiting for you to unlock. With a multi-threaded hero development system, level up, increase star ratings, enhance skills, acquire equipment, freely mix and develop your heroes, understand the balance between factions and professions, and effortlessly deal high damage!

「A Variety of Dungeon Challenges」
Not only are there extensive mainline levels to satisfy your clearance needs, but there are also numerous dungeon gameplay modes waiting for you to explore. Experience intense and thrilling "Abyss of Despair" with dungeon gameplay combined with Roguelike randomness. Climb the "Tower of Demons" to see who qualifies to be the lord at the top of the tower. Unlock a plethora of gameplay modes like "Witch Forest," "Ice Dragon's Lair," and "Ruins Adventure."

「Real Social and Competitive Economy」
More than just a simple offline game, we have implemented global servers, allowing passionate interactions with players from around the world. Discuss gameplay, team compositions, and life outside the game. Additionally, we provide real-time battles against skilled players worldwide in the arena!

「Guild Battles for Everyone's Enjoyment」
With a grand guild system design and diverse and exciting gameplay, join forces with players from all walks of life to dominate the entire server!

==Contact Us==
We are always eager to listen to and accept any interesting ideas or suggestions you may have about our game. Feel free to reach out to us anytime with your feedback!
Additional information
Mortal Bullet
Last Updated on
Content Rating
out of 10


When was this game updated?icon

Maiden Academy: Idle RPG is updated at 2024-07-03.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Maiden Academy: Idle RPG is Mortal Bullet.

Can I play Maiden Academy: Idle RPG on Android/iOS?icon

Now Maiden Academy: Idle RPG is available on Android.

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