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MidEvil is a single player, multiplayer or co-op open world survival RPG that takes place in a vast 20km medieval island setting. Players start shipwrecked on the zombie infested island with nothing. The goals are simple, survive, build, defend!

Early Access planned features include:

Large stylized open world with day/night cycle and dynamic weather.
Host a server for your friends (up to 40 players).
Customizable modular characters, clothing and armour.
XP and skill point levelling system.
Hunger and thirst.
Loot economy with rare items.
Crafting, building, fortification and raiding.
Farming and horticulture system.
Animal breeding, taming and riding.
Hunting, fishing, wildlife and predators.
Rewarding combat system with melee, ranged and mounted combat.
PvP and PvE.
NPCs, zombies, bandits and guards.
Companion AI and pets.
Random quest system.
Dismemberment system.
AI guarded, civilized hubs for trading.
Controller support.
Steam Deck compatibility.
Steam achievements.
Future plans include many more additions such as ship building and siege weapons.

FREE DEMODownload our free demo to test the current progress of the game. Please be aware that this is a very early preview of the game and everything is subject to change. The main goal is to test multiplayer performance and stability. We had a lot of fun testing so we thought we'd share it. We welcome any feedback or suggestions.

Demo features include:

3km test map, plus PvP test map.
Singleplayer / multiplayer / co-op demo game.
Host and join private servers with Steam friends.
In-game text chat system.
Customizable characters.
Modular clothing and armour.
Melee and ranged combat system with multiple weapons.
PvE & PvP.
NPCs, guards, bandits and zombies.
Traders and money system.
AI companions.
Basic quest implementation.
Dismemberment system.
Horse riding.

Have fun!
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Killer Games
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When was this game updated?icon

MidEvil is updated at 2023-05-31.

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The provider of MidEvil is Killer Games.

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