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Miracle MU:Era

Miracle MU:Era

icon 6.6
Available on iconicon
Initial release Aug 10, 2023
--------Surprise gift, free gift upon opening the server-------- ●Classic wings are free to receive after opening the server and logging in, there are various gifts waiting for you to come and get, and the last heavy-weight gift, Classic Wings, will be presented directly ! ! ●Surprise events for server opening celebrations are coming up one after another. Superb activities such as purifying poisons and getting diamonds in the whole server, daily points reaching the standard and giving away rare props, top points ranking winning limited mounts and so on, just waiting for you warriors to explore for yourself! ! ●100% Miracle Restoration Miracle IP client game genuine authorization, perfectly restore the miracle, and bring you back to the happiness of the past. [Authentic miracle gameplay, easy on-hook entertainment] ●Experience the classic miracle IP ●Restore the classic brave land and BOSS experience, whose old memories have been awakened! There are snowstorms in Icewind Dale and the vast ocean of Atlantis , the reappearance of various classic BOSS, the floating clouds in the sky city and so on. Bring all the warriors back to the magical land of miracles many years ago, and relive the new era of miracles with your friends who played together! ●A lot of benefits to receive as you like ● Easy and no class! You can easily complete the daily tasks every day by hanging up the phone, and win a lot of diamonds effortlessly! ●The road to riches through free trading ● The dropped equipment does not meet the requirements? Rare skill books are useless? The trading market helps you solve all problems! Unlimited free trade, massive diamonds are waiting for you! ●Ultra-high explosion rate helps you play ●No need to explode your liver! Ordinary mobs can easily drop high-quality and excellent equipment! The super high chance of strengthening will help all warriors play happily! ●Zhanmeng blood gathering ● Zhanmeng blood gathering, let's recall the glorious years together! Various alliance activities are waiting for you to experience! ! *Duyi Technology Co., Ltd. is the authorized agent of "Miracle MU: Epoch" in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. *This game is in accordance with the game software classification management method, some content involves violence, classified as supplementary 12, and it is free to use. *Please pay attention to the time of use, avoid indulging, and take proper rest and exercise. *This game is a free game, but the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items, please consume moderately according to your personal interests and abilities.
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Content Rating
12 歲以上
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When was this game updated?icon

Miracle MU:Era is updated at 2023-12-30.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Miracle MU:Era is 絕妙遊戲M.

Can I play Miracle MU:Era on Android/iOS?icon


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