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Mr. Nomad

Mr. Nomad

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About the Game

Mr. Nomad is a survival base-building, tower defense game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Set a fortified base around your camper, craft, endure brutal zombie raids, hide what is precious to you in underground bunker and embark on dangerous missions in search of resources.

Build base above and under ground - engage in combat on the surface while hiding essential things for survival underground.

Traps - set them around your base and combine into deadly trap-chains. Do you want to douse the enemy with gasoline, set it on fire, and disperse the flames with a blast of air? Let's do it!

Missions - Complete them to acquire resources for further development. Need to venture out for fuel in a zombie-infested area? Or perhaps you're running low on seeds for your underground cultivation? All it takes is a little courage.

Underground - How many secrets does it hold? Dig deeper and uncover things long forgotten.

Nomad - are you truly one? Is your current location no longer suitable for further living? Are zombies effectively hindering your relaxation? Find a new spot with new challenges and new missions. Came across an abandoned atom bomb? don't hesitate to use it as a cleansing tool.

Mr. Nomad is an adrenaline-pumping and action-packed survival game that plunges you into the harrowing post-apocalyptic world of a resourceful wanderer, Nomad. Armed with little more than your wits and an aging RV, it's your mission to endure and conquer the relentless zombie hordes while transforming your mobile home into an impervious fortress. Build a bunker under your RV to serve as your last resort refuge. Here, you can cultivate essential crops and create a true home for yourself. As you dig deeper, you might uncover hidden treasures and resources vital for future constructions. Construct multiple types of traps above the ground, but most importantly, combine them into deadly chains. With your creativity, you can connect traps of different kinds into one grand trap system. Gasoline, fire, air, tar, electricity, water... Do you already have a good recipe in mind? And when you use up all the available local resources, embark on missions that will help you stay alive even longer. Unless the situation is really dire, then we suggest looking for a new place.

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Mr. Nomad is updated at 2023-10-09.

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The provider of Mr. Nomad is Rejected Games.

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