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Multiverse Designer

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Unlock the Power of Infinite Storytelling! Multiverse Designer is an innovative software for virtual table top and storytelling. It lets you create any kind of scene, environment, character, and rule system you can imagine. It has thousands of assets, effects, and features that you can customize and combine to make your stories unique and immersive. You can use it to play any genre, from fantasy to sci-fi, from horror to comedy. You can use it to play with your friends online and to roleplay, fight, explore, or simply gather your friends and have fun, even without knowing any RPG rules.
Multiverse Designer is more than just a software. It’s an experience for creativity, expression, and entertainment. It’s a way to unleash your imagination and live your dreams. It’s a way to become a storyteller.

🌟 Scene Creator
🌟 Battle Theater
🌟 Encounter Spawner
🌟 Cutscene Director
🌟 Character Forge
🌟 Asset Spawner
🌟 Fog of War
🌟 Play with and without rules
🌟 Roleplay Theater
🌟 Dice Styler
🌟 Light Studio
🌟 Environment Designer
🌟 Library
🌟 Asset Properties
🌟 Sounds
🌟 Weather System
🌟 Biomes

Step into the Multiverse Designer and become the master of your own storytelling destiny. Whether you're a rpg player, game master, or avid storyteller, our powerful toolset will unlock new realms of creativity.

Multiverse Designer awaits your command.

Detailed features:
🌟 Scene Creator: Immerse yourself in a vast library of over 5000 assets, including buildings, props, animated characters, and more. With the Scene Creator, you have the power to bring your imaginative worlds to life. Customize appearances, create effects, and modify sizes, rotations, and positions to design environments that suit your vision.

🌟 Battle Theater: Prepare for epic RPG combat like never before with the Battle Theater module. Utilizing our advanced Criteria Language, you can seamlessly automate dice rolling, calculate results, and generate immersive and dynamic battle sequences. From calculating damage to resolving critical hits and misses, the Battle Theater handles the complexities of combat, allowing you to focus on crafting thrilling encounters. With AI-generated camera positions, captivating sound effects, background music, and fluid movements, your battles will come to life in a cinematic and awe-inspiring manner.

🌟 Encounter Spawner: Generate exciting encounters quickly and efficiently with the Encounter Spawner. With just a few selections, you can spawn encounters tailored to your needs. Whether you're looking to create a challenging combat scenario or populate your world with diverse NPCs, the Encounter Spawner provides a foundation that you can refine to perfection. Adjust appearances, stats, weapons, and more to create the perfect encounter or player character. Customize enemy levels, challenge ratings, and add or remove bosses to ensure every encounter is tailored to your desired specifications.

🌟 Cutscene Director: Discover your inner filmmaker with the Cutscene Director. This powerful movie maker tool allows you to animate assets, change their positions, rotations, and locations, and create dynamic cutscenes that enrich your storytelling. Seamlessly blend character animations, control time, and experiment with camera angles to create captivating cinematic experiences.

🌟 Character Forge: Unleash your creativity with the Character Forge. Create and customize a wide range of characters, from heroic adventurers to fearsome monsters. From appearance and attire to armor, weapons, and unique traits, the Character Forge empowers you to bring your characters to life.

🌟 Asset Spawner: Enter the world of procedural generation with the Asset Spawner. Create vast forests teeming with trees, bustling cities with towering buildings, or intricate dungeons with devious traps. The Asset Spawner generates assets quickly, providing a solid foundation that you can then refine to suit your specific needs. Seamlessly integrate with the Criteria Language to generate rules for traps, NPCs, and monsters.

🌟 Fog of War: Heighten the suspense and challenge in your adventures with the Fog of War feature. When enabled, players can only see what their characters perceive, creating a more immersive and realistic experience. Dark vision grants the ability to see in the dark without relying on external light sources, but at the cost of perceiving everything in shades of gray. Dynamic lighting effects such as fires can reveal previously hidden areas, adding an extra layer of strategy and tension to exploration.

🌟 Play with rules: Connect with the realm of RPG rules using Criteria, a powerful and flexible computer language designed specifically for defining RPG systems. Create and customize rules for any RPG scenario, be it fantasy, sci-fi, or modern settings. Populate tables with weapons, abilities, and more, using spreadsheets that seamlessly integrate with Criteria. Multiverse Designer will launch with the 10 most used RPG systems already implemented using Criteria and more will follow!

🌟 Play without knowing rules: Dive into the universe of RPGs without the need to memorize complex rulebooks. With Criteria Core, players and game masters can fully enjoy the game without prior knowledge of specific rules. Character sheets are automatically generated through simple questions, allowing for customization while Criteria Core assists game masters in making decisions. Degrees of success or failure are displayed, and newbie users are guided through the game.

🌟 Roleplay Theater: Step onto the stage and bring your characters to life in the Roleplay Theater. Utilize scenes, lights, and characters to create an immersive roleplaying environment. The Roleplay Theater features an automatic audio-to-lip-sync feature, allowing characters, including monsters, to speak with their lips moving in sync with their dialogue. Engage in interactive roleplay, where players can roll dice and game masters can call for NPC rolls. With AI camera positioning, the Roleplay Theater provides dynamic angles, captivating visuals, and cinematic methods to put players and game masters inside a truly immersive movie-like experience.

🌟 Dice Styler: Elevate the excitement and visual appeal of your game with the Dice Styler. Customize the look and feel of dice, adding your personal touch to every roll. From colors and appearance to materials and effects, make your dice stand out with style. Add glowing effects, blend colors with textures, and introduce dynamic background movements for a captivating rolling experience.

🌟 Light Studio: Set the perfect mood and atmosphere for your scenes with our advanced Light Studio. Whether you're creating a vibrant outdoor landscape or a hauntingly atmospheric dungeon, the Light Studio allows you to control every aspect of Realtime Global Illumination. Adjust the color, position, and intensity of lights with ease.

🌟 Environment Designer: Take your storytelling to the next level with the Environment Designer. Craft detailed and immersive worlds with PBR textures for walls and floors. Mix and match textures, rotate, scale, and change colors to create unique and captivating environments. Fine-tune parameters to achieve the desired visual impact.

🌟 Library: Connect and collaborate with fellow creators through the Multiverse Designer Library. Share and explore a vast collection of lights, scenes, environments, dice styles, encounters, and characters. Whether you're seeking inspiration or looking to expand your creative horizons, the Library offers a wealth of resources.

🌟 Asset Properties: Take complete control over every asset in your game with Asset Properties. Each asset within Multiverse Designer comes with customizable properties that allow you to alter appearances, create effects, and toggle various elements on or off. Whether it's adjusting the lighting of a scene, changing the color of a character, or transforming the texture of a wall, Asset Properties give you the freedom to shape your assets exactly as you envision. With the ability to modify size, rotation, and position, the possibilities are limitless, making each asset a gateway to infinite creative potential.

🌟 Sounds: Immerse yourself in the rich soundscape of Multiverse Designer. From crackling fires to echoing footsteps, experience dynamic sound effects that enhance the realism and immersion of your worlds. Sound is automatically added to assets with effects or movement, making every action come to life with audio. Immerse yourself with the sound of dragons spitting fire, dogs barking, and the eerie wind howling through caves. You can also place Sound Totems at any location in the scene, adding custom sound effects and background music to further enhance the atmosphere. Enjoy fully automated, localized 3D sound that moves and adapts with the assets.

🌟 Weather System: Create atmospheric diversity with our advanced Weather System. Add rain, electric storms, fog, sandstorms, and snow to any scene, even within dungeons! Experience volumetric fog, cloud formations, and atmospheric scattering that bring realism and depth to your environments. The Weather System also features a time-of-day cycle that provides real-time illumination based on the position of the sun and moon. Marvel at the night sky, complete with a controllable number of stars, and let the weather influence the mood and storytelling of your immersive worlds.

🌟 Biomes: Combine the power of the Scene Creator, Weather System, Light Studio, and Asset Spawner to craft any biome your imagination desires. Whether you're creating lush forests, bustling cities, serene beaches, desolate deserts, frozen arctic landscapes, mysterious caves, or even futuristic sci-fi worlds, Multiverse Designer empowers you to create diverse and immersive environments that captivate your audience. With the ability to spawn and refine assets, adjust weather effects, and fine-tune lighting, the possibilities for creating breathtaking biomes are endless.
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Multiverse Designer is updated at 2024-02-09.

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The provider of Multiverse Designer is Toopan Games.

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