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My Trailer Park Life

My Trailer Park Life

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My Trailer Life lets you live the RV dream as you navigate the daily challenges of life.
Manage your time and money Explore, and Interact with the ordinary world.
Poverty, corruption, urban survival, and life in the camper of your dreams can be tough

As the player, we wake up in a RV camper. In order to survive, it is necessary to maintain our own health by maintaining statuses such as hunger, hydration, stress, and hygiene.
In addition, we need money to live, so you have to earn it with doing work. In a normal day, we purchase food and supplies, but apparently we can steal them in some cases.

There is permadeath method for this game, and gameplay such as "if you die, start your life over". So be careful and think twice before starting a fight or crossing street.

If a theft or violent crime is discovered, you can be caught. The Player is left with a choice between living a straight and righteous life or living a shady life while committing crimes in order to survive.Whether you're running your chorus, getting in trouble with the law, exploring the neighborhood, or uncovering secrets. The paths you take shapes your story. In this life simulation, discover the beauty of the ordinary while maintaining your wellbeing and weave your own story. Live the trailer park life and enjoy.
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kova studios
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My Trailer Park Life is updated at 2024-01-06.

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The provider of My Trailer Park Life is kova studios.

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