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Neo Junk City

Neo Junk City

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Welcome to Neo Junk City – where the neon lights never fade and the city's underbelly thrives. This immersive cyberpunk adventure puts a fresh spin on the point-and-click genre, taking you on a shadowy journey through a drowned metropolis built atop the remnants of New York City.

As Buster 09, an enigmatic law enforcement android, navigate through a labyrinth of crime, secrets, and advanced technology. Your mission is far from typical - you're both the detective and the suspected murderer. Without any memories of the event, unravel the twisted narrative and find out why you did it.

Engage with the world around you through dynamic interaction icons, which evolve as you explore objects and establish relationships with the eclectic citizens of the city. Uncover hidden interactions, unlock new paths, and utilize stats to overcome challenges in this ever-changing world.

But there's more than just detective work. Roam the neon-lit streets and alleys in adrenaline-pumping, pixel-art racing sequences reminiscent of classic arcade games. Choose your vehicle wisely as you outsmart opponents in intense races through the city.

The city’s pulse is also its curse, as humanity grapples with its evolution through DNA-altering pills. These enigmatic pills, shadowy syndicates, and the lure of transcendence permeate the rain-soaked streets.

Can you solve the mystery that you are so inexorably tangled in? And, as the water continues to rise, can you save the city from itself?

Embark on this unforgettable odyssey through the dark, neon dreamscape of Neo Junk City.
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Starblade Games
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When was this game updated?icon

Neo Junk City is updated at 2023-06-28.

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The provider of Neo Junk City is Starblade Games.

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