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Neon Life

Neon Life

icon 9.2
Proud Studio unveils Neon Life's 3D cyberpunk RPG. Explore, battle, and rise in Neon City!
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Welcome to Neon City, all five-star new citizens!
Before settling in the city, please ensure that you have enough time balance as start-up capital. If your time balance is cleared while you are living in the city, you will face the risk of becoming a black account. At that time, you will be banned from accessing the Internet and all your personal information will be cleared!
Of course, there are endless opportunities to make money here! Six or seven out of ten people came here. The business at Yayoi Bar has been good recently, maybe you can try your luck there... Also, being a crisis interrupter sounds cool too! However, this job requires verification, and the job assigned by the super AI is not easy to get.
What are the other three or four doing? Of course we played! Don’t forget, this is a commercial street built by Yuanzhou Technology, isn’t it just for people to come and consume? Whether it’s an arcade, a trendy toy store, or a popular blind box, you’ll find it all here! There are also a lot of things to eat and drink, the cuple milk tea chain has also opened here, and the omelette rice at Meng Niang Coffee has been checked out by internet celebrities one after another. Is there anything you want to try?
By the way, the Black Cat Girl Group holds events in the 314 Building quite frequently. There are also lots of souvenirs given out at the events here! It’s definitely not a waste to come, come and see your idol up close!
If you’re tired and want to take a rest, of course there are recommended places! Go to Wonderland Cinema and give it a try. The latest and hottest fantasy movies are available for rent and sold here, and they are well received. If you still have the strength, the gym is nearby. Exercise is also a part of life, right?
Finally, I have to remind you! Be sure to pay attention to the security of your account. If your Time Bank account is stolen or cleared due to your personal negligence, causing you to become a black account, Time Bank and Cainicheng will not be responsible for this!
Having said that, click to make an appointment quickly and get ready to start a new life in Neon City!
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News aggregation
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No System Requirements
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When was this game updated?icon

Neon Life is updated at 2023-12-04.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Neon Life is News aggregation.

Can I play Neon Life on Android/iOS?icon

No. But you can pre-register Neon Life on TapTap.

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