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Never Mourn

Never Mourn

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“This is not over.”

Everything is blurry and feels like an endless nightmare when Irea regains consciousness.
Her memories are shattered and her powers erratic.
She only remembers two things:
She needs to save someone and she won't let anything get in her way.

Use both sides of your weapon to face hordes of enemies.
Slay them off with using the scythe and use the other side to resurrect and protect them.
Think ahead when composing your squad: each enemy you revive keeps all its specificities and skills.
Manage your reanimated minions wisely, as reactivity and sense of analysis can save your life on the battlefield.

Help Irea recover her powers and memories by fighting endless hordes of starvelings.
Don’t fear Death: Irea will unlock access to a variety of spells & abilities when she dies.
Each run will feel different: Altars will grant you different bonuses to pick in a classic rogue-lite fashion.
Your creativity will be rewarded: Choose your spells, squad and talents before each run, then take the right decisions and you might overcome even the hardest challenges with your own playstyle.

Fast-paced Action RPG meets rogue-lite mechanics for an explosive mix.
Attack or support! Switch between the two skillsets and find creative ways to use these in tactical fights.
The Necromancy system is at the core of the game design. It brings a deep strategic dimension.
Unlock spells, abilities and new minions to fight alongside you. Try them. Every run will feel different.
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Primal Seed
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Never Mourn is updated at 2024-02-01.

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The provider of Never Mourn is Primal Seed.

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