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Nope Nope Nope Nope Nurses

Nope Nope Nope Nope Nurses

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About the GameFEATURESA visual novel about a hospital where all the nurses are the worst
Full Japanese voice acting by seasoned professionalsCHARACTER
“Head Nurse” Tendo
Voice: Yukari Aoyama

The elder Tendo sibling is the hospital’s head nurse. Her job description is just to handle the nursing team, but that belies the absolute power she wields; even the doctors, administration, and hospital director can’t defy her. Desiring ever more authority and ever greater financial power, she’s a ruthless person who’s willing to use any means to achieve her goals.

“Vengeful Nurse” Mia Tendo
Voice: Miru

Mia Tendo is the head nurse’s younger sister and a member of the “OG Three,” veteran nurses who are feared within the hospital. She’s a really eccentric person who’s truly unpredictable. That unpredictability causes strife for tons of people, but since she’s the apple of the all-powerful head nurse’s eye, everyone is doomed to suffer in silence.

“Mad Nurse” Amamiya
Voice: Don Ohana

Amamiya is a terrifying “genius” physician and Doctor of Pharmacy who is often hit with flashes of inspiration that lead her to create astonishing new pharmaceuticals one after another. Her skills are the real deal but she’s a bit off when it comes to thinking ethically. She administers the medicine she makes to patients without running any clinical trials first.

“Bodyguard Nurse” Otsuka
Voice: Kaoru Momozono

Otsuka was once a judo competitor who won many national tournaments and was endowed with a great physique and a promising career. However, due to an injury, she retired and spent her days in a deep depression. After accepting Amamiya’s invitation to work with her, she decided to become Amamiya's assistant.

“Not a Nurse” Aizawa
Voice: Leo Miyoshi

Aizawa is a worker at the hospital's internal convenience store, which provides her with some level of anonymity. This anonymity conceals her true occupation—as an undercover police officer who’s there to expose the hospital’s underworld connections. She’s got a strong sense of justice and cares deeply for her comrades. She asks Yamada to cooperate with her investigation.

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Yamada is a young man with a rare condition. His weak points are being indecisive and easily swayed, but this time—at this critical juncture—he’s made up his mind and is ready to take action.SUMMARY—They call me Yamada.
I'm just an ordinary student, hospitalized with two broken arms... except for my strange and incurable condition.

Unfortunately, the hospital where I'm being treated has got a certain reputation. Word has it, the place is staffed exclusively with the absolute worst people ever to call themselves nurses... and if anything, the reality has turned out to be worse than the rumors.
The most miserable part of it all? The nurses were only the beginning.

Illicit ties to the criminal underworld? Check.
Police officers infiltrating it all undercover? Check.
They're quarantining me in my own ward, now.

Somehow, I've found myself at the center of every ambition and ever plot, and every new force that enters the fray only seems to drag me further under.
What's right in this situation, and who's wrong?
What constitutes a crime, and who's going to punish it?
Will I ever be able to find the answers? And even if I do—do I have any hope of leaving this hospital alive...?
Additional information
Dark One!
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When was this game updated?icon

Nope Nope Nope Nope Nurses is updated at 2023-10-13.

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The provider of Nope Nope Nope Nope Nurses is Dark One!.

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