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Panzer Commander

Panzer Commander

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Panzer Commander’s background is set in World War II. The Axis and Allies engaged in war worldwide for their interests. At the same time, the technology advances in panzer weapons change the way of war. New tactics and new strategies such as the Blitzkrieg and the deep battle doctrine emerged.
In this game, players will play the role of crops commander, cammand your army, use panzer to break through, organize soldiers and artillery to form defence, call for air raids to destroy enemy’s bunkers. Lead your army to victory.
Panzer Commander is a turn-based game, built on 3D engine, includes elements like ammunition, hit rates, critical strikes and so on. Each level is independent, with the winning conditions like eliminating all enemies, occupying enemy headquarters, etc.

Angle Matters.
Generally, the front armour of panzer is thickest, the side is thinner, and the rear is thinnest. And different armour type has different ratio. As an example of front-facing type, the front is 100%, the side is 50%, the rear is 30%.

Heights Matters.
Artillery has a longer range on hills, so seizing heights can take a lot advantage of the battle.

Mobility Matters.
Carriers can carry infantry and artillery, to improve their mobility, and give their enemies a surprise strike.

Mine is a kind of weapon for defence, you can lay mines to slow down enemy’s advance, but also remember to have an eye on demining.

Infantry can dig trenches to shelter from gunfire, but it didn’t work when there is a mortar.Features:3D map.Panzer Commander puts players on the first line of the battle. Terrain features such as hills,rivers and roads can affect millitary operations. 3D map bings more freedom and realism.Tactics.Players in charge of every details in the battle, from marching to demining. Goals like establishing the bridgeheads, occupying the urban area, and the filed battle are just like the real battle. Make decisions like the true commander, choose the right tactics, lead your troops to victory.Army variety. 200+tanks,60+vehicles,a 60+artillery and soldiers make up the major army. Using infantry and armour to break through enemy’s lines of defense, together with artillery attack and air support. Mechanized infantry helps you transport solders and artillery faseter. Coordination plays a important role in combat.Armored troops.Armor protect tanks from damage, but the defence of front, side and rear are different . Choose the right angle to fire in tank combat. Let the enemy worry about the flank.Rich levels.Panzer Commander Picks the classic and iconic battles of World War II, spanning from east to west, north to south to write this war epic.Respect history.Every battles and terrains fully respect the history, taking players through out the history of World War II.
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Fancing Game Studio
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Panzer Commander is updated at 2024-02-13.

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The provider of Panzer Commander is Fancing Game Studio.

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