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Pip My Dice

Pip My Dice

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About the Game
DisclaimerThe content shown in the trailer and the screenshots is still early stage work and is likely to be modified before the game release. If you want to give feedback, feel free to join the Discord server!

About the gamePip My Dice is a roguelike deck builder inspired by Balatro and the Yahtzee game. Customize different dice and use them together with powerful relics to break high scores and climb the leaderboard.
Although very easy to learn and playable with only the mouse, you will have to understand the symbiosis between the different elements of the game to beat it.
Take your time to evaluate what dice you should reroll to get the best combinations.
Enjoy endless replayability with the guarantee that every run will be different from the previous one, and save your favorite seeds to replay and share those you like the most. Manage your money wisely and spend it in the shop to grow your collection.

Customize your dice as much as you like to make them better and reach greater scores. Use paint, stamps, erasers, and a lot more customizers to temper the odds.
Try to find the best combos between the relics and your dice to break the game!

FeaturesClimb the leaderboard with seeded or random runs to compete with the world or your friends!
Select from 10+ different starting decks.
15+ different dice modifiers with unique effects
100+ relics to create insane combos
10+ different bosses to defeat
Level up your combination slots as the run goes on.
Save your favorite seeds to replay and share with your friends.
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When was this game updated?icon

Pip My Dice is updated at 2024-03-08.

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The provider of Pip My Dice is FokazLabs.

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