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Powerup Humans

Powerup Humans

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OverviewCan you craft the perfect mindscape defense and help your person reach the breakthrough that will power-up their future? Enter the minds of ordinary people and prepare for a fast paced strategic battle that could change their lives forever! This game is still in early stages of development and things like graphics and audio are likely to be updated for the final version.StoryThe game play follows an ordinary person through different chapters of their life where each chapter is a level. In each chapter they face a challenge they need to overcome and your mission is to help inspire them to reach a breakthrough by defeating their self destructive thoughts and feelings.

As the story progresses the challenges become harder but more life altering and you get to see what the breakthroughs lead to.Game playEach level is a tower defense style game with elements of puzzle block building. They are played in the form of an escort mission where you will build a path for your person to the breakthrough then defend them as they travel along the path from waves of self destructive thoughts and feelings (enemies).

To defend your human you place down towers that can shoot the enemies though often you need to build up the land first for the tower to sit on.

When your human is damaged they will lose energy and get pushed back towards the start. If they are pushed all the way to the start or time runs out you will lose. If on the other hand you protect them well enough to reach the breakthrough in a set time you will win.RoadmapRelease is planned some time later in 2024. With a demo released much sooner. We plan on doing extensive play testing during development.

New functionality planned at this stage includes:
Tower unlocks and variations
Stories for each level
Choosing which towers to bring to each level
Update graphics and sound
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Powerup Humans is updated at 2024-02-06.

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The provider of Powerup Humans is JAI SHAW.

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