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R2Fun: Sonic Fun

R2Fun: Sonic Fun

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About us R2Fun: Sonic fun clothing, props, non-sale all free songs include all online songs & player self-made songs Player exchange Q group: 749413514 Post bar: Sonic fun bar Reminder: steam is only used as a third-party login platform and download point, Does not affect the current game data & progress! Salute and thanks to R2PY for their great contributions to this circle~ It is they who use honey to light up the road and guide the way forward! About this game Game introduction R2FUN: Sonic Fun is a music racing online game. By combining music beats with roller skating, we create a unique leisure competitive leisure experience. Simple and capable graphics, support individual mode (racing, props) and team mode (racing, props, relay, captain battle), Rich and varied music, various difficulties, elegant characters and game items in the same location; game overview R2FUN: sonic fun multiplayer online music racing online game, has won the title of most popular casual online game for many times; online During the racing competition, everyone stands on the same starting line and sprints to the finish line with all their strength. Of course, if you don’t have the skills to avoid all kinds of obstacles on the track, you must not be the one standing on the highest podium to cheer at the end. The form is placed on the entire runway. You need to follow the rhythm of the music and make various actions to avoid obstacles. If you are accidentally hit by an obstacle, it doesn’t matter. Get up and move on! Our goal is only one, that is the first A crossing the finish line ~ action shots with diverse character actions are the best choice for you to play interactive games with friends or other players, whether it is a single player, funny, funny, dramatic, or paired exclusive actions , you'll find everything here. Perfect clothing system for the game. Different genders have various cute costumes. Players can choose their favorite clothing styles according to their styles and match them to their own satisfaction. You can customize clothes, skirt pants, roller skates, hairstyles, pets, and props in your hands. The system prepares more than a thousand designs for you, whether it is another type, cute type, fashion type, retro type, etc., R2FUN: Sonic Fun contains elements of today's popular clothing, in which the game is based on clothing All age groups are also designed quite well, and there are special visual effects and special animation effects when dressing.
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R2Fun: Sonic Fun is updated at 2023-05-15.

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The provider of R2Fun: Sonic Fun is 乌鱼子.

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