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Initial release Mar 06, 2023
You enjoying the summer time in your farm house only one day to wake up and find yourself face to face with little animals crawling around your feet!!! so what do you do? the most sane thing ever for a farmer! grabbing a gun and crouching at the corners of your room shooting these rats one by one.
Make sure to hit them effectively as these creatures are fast and small! They coming to steal things. They are very tricks animals

We don't know what they planning but sooner or later we will find out.
Stop them with the best weapons you can lay your hand on, pistols, shotguns, snipers and even machine guns and many more!
So what you wait for? start the endless war and prove to yourself how long you will last fighting the never ending coming rats!

Rats will give you Gold and Score when they die!
With Gold you can purchase weapons and other things to help your combat, a machine gun is way stronger than a pistol so make sure to buy the best of the best.

Shoot Rats to earn Score! so you can unlock other maps by reaching the scores needed.
Reach the last map where you will find out what the rats were stealing your things for.

Enjoy the scenery of these amazing places where it's mix between love, warm , heavens of joy and the combat battle happening between you and the rats!

To Play: simple press on weapon and drag to aim, it will shoot automatically.
or you can change aiming mode at the options menu > click arrow on right side and click (Weapon Click).
If you don't like how fast the weapon is rotating simple go to Options menu and change the first line (the shorter line = the slower a weapon will rotate).

When shooting keep in mind that some weapons delay their first shot so make sure to keep pressing when you start to shoot

Disable some options like effects and dust to boost your device performance if you are facing any issues

frame rate is locked under 60 and 15 to save battery life for longer

There are many other options, choose what suits you.

Rats is an endless shooter game where you as a player don't move from your position, you earn gold and score from killing the rats and use the gold and score to upgrade your experience.

Many new features will be added in the future so make sure to update the game frequently, you will get a pop up in-game to remind you to update whenever there is a new update.
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When was this game updated?icon

Rats is updated at 2023-06-13.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Rats is Cataria.

Can I play Rats on Android/iOS?icon

Now Rats is available on Android.

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