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MISSION BRIEFING 018-57432908578930245-2047
Our satellites captured images of a Device on the surface of Mars. All attempts reaching it with Crawlers have been futile. A human Envoy is required. If you are reading this, it means you have been chosen for this mission.

You will land in a solo Astrodrop-od, near the Device location. It is your first Directive to retrieve the Device. You will have 48 hours to reach the Extraction Point, and 12 more hours before the Extraction Team leaves the planet.

Don't waste your time wandering too far - if you don't make it on time, your mission on Mars will be extended for eternity.

An A-C9 unit will provide you with on-site assistance, including ground analysis, coms and resource management. We know you had issues with your AI companion on your last mission, but we assure you this new generation is safer.

We have great Faith in You, Commander. Travel safe. Retrieve the Device. And come back home.The world of Repunk
If you like off-road exploration on difficult terrain, driving heavy vehicles - then this game might be for you.

If you like to listen to in-game radio stations while driving around - then this is really for you.

And if you made it this far and still continue reading - you will be pleased to know that Repunk contains tens of full length books, some of them older editions from Earth (a great collection of classics from Verne, Lovecraft, Edgar Rice Burroughs and many more), but you might also find lost books from Martian authors (I could tell you their names, but they won't probably be meaningful to you... yet).

Repunk is a non-linear open experience: you go wherever you want to go, and enjoy it in any way you want.

The Overlords who sent you to Mars would love for you to comply and perform all your Directives exactly as they expect you to do... but you can also choose to avoid them completely and find your own path. Your AI companion might refuse to accept your orders, but don't worry about it now: I'm sure you will find a way out.

The story is set, but the adventure is all yours: take control now!
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REPUNK is updated at 2023-11-09.

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The provider of REPUNK is Almar.

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