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Rocket Jockey

Rocket Jockey

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It’s your basic boy meets rocket, boy loses rocket, boy gets dragged along the ground, and crushed against a wall story. You fly around with a super-fast rocket between your legs. You fire cables from your rocket at pylons to turn and to clothesline your opponents (preferably really good friends, who take losing badly).

You knock them off their rockets. You steal their rockets. You plow them over, repeatedly, with their own rockets. Then, you snag them with your cables and you drag them along the ground, bashing them into walls and things. As if this wasn’t already Nirvana, the soundtrack features the legendary surf guitar rockin’ Dick Dale!ModesRocket Ball
Croquet, it ain’t. Try latching onto different kinds of balls, some that bounce…others that explode! Heave them into the goal or at other jockeys! All while they try to turn your head into pudding pie!

Rocket Racing
Makes drag racing look like bingo. Rocket around the arena, cutting between pylons, smacking fellow jockeys into the wall and out of the race. All while avoiding oncoming walls. To win, you need a strategy. A twisted, demented, crackbrained, sicko strategy, but a strategy nonetheless!

Rocket War
Last one on a rocket wins! More importantly though, said winner, gets to scream in the losers’ faces. Isn’t that what it’s all about?! Clothesline opponents, drag them along the ground at speeds over 100 MPH, plow them over, torch them with jet exhaust and absolutely crush them against the hood of your rocket! All’s fair in love and war…and we ain’t talkin’ bout’ love! We’re rotten to the core!

“I hereby certify that this product doesn’t suck.”
— Sean Callahan – Rocket Jockey Game Designer
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Rocket Science Games
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When was this game updated?icon

Rocket Jockey is updated at 2023-08-30.

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The provider of Rocket Jockey is Rocket Science Games.

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