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Sands of Slumber: The RPG

Sands of Slumber: The RPG

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This campaign plays in the genre of old Final Fantasy style taking place in a highly magical and steampunk-esque technological world on the verge of all-out war. This follows the Aasimar: Ashara, Half Elves: Embra and Ish Ma'el, and Marleek (custom race): Victalyassa as they join up in the Unnamed Guild, led by a Dwarf: Drosko, to complete a task for the High King which will put all of their skills and abilities to the test. The heroes meet up outside the city of Valtaska, on the peninsula of Tanaviak , to receive the quest that will start them on a long journey to save the cycle and end the evil machinations of the "Sand Cult" and their mysterious plans to bring about the end of the world as they know it. The quest to save the world will bring the heroes all over the peninsula and far beyond as the party interacts with Kings, High Society Nobles, Cultists, Brothel Women, Giant Flying Fire Whales, the Embodied Gods, and SO. MUCH. MORE.

The Tabletop RPG is played using Dungeons and Dragons 5e, with the rulesets, D20 system, and all. The Video Game adventure is no different, incorporating all it can from the tabletop to make it as authentic to the way it was originally played as possible. You will meet various races and classes of DnD 5e and custom races and classes created by Magenth. Though the campaign in the tabletop RPG kicked off with the quest, in the video game there will be a prelude which will introduce the players to the various mechanics and types of quests which will be found throughout the game including: D20 combat and skill checks, DnD spells and abilities, and a lot of different plugins credited in the game to present the best experience to players and the most accurate to the tabletop while still remaining a video game with all the considerations... considered. We hope you very much enjoy playing with these characters the same way we do!DISCLAIMER: This game was created by a single developer that has no background in coding or art or anything really needed to make a game, while they were in school; developed with RPG Maker MZ and a lot of free/credited resources from people with actual talent and now very talented VOICE ACTORS! I just have a cool story to tell about a DND campaign that I am happy to be a player in, and take way to much notes for. More sessions will be added as time permits, at a snails pace, but I thank you for taking the time to play it. If you enjoy it, share it!

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Sands of Slumber: The RPG is updated at 2022-11-27.

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The provider of Sands of Slumber: The RPG is SoCalAshez.

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