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Ships 2022

Ships 2022

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About the Game

Do you see this port? You’re in charge of it from now on. It’s not the easiest job in the world; you take responsibility for both the ships and the crew you have to recruit. However, if you pull it off, a door leading to enormous profits will open before you, allowing you to develop your harbor.

To ease yourself into it, you will start with simple tasks. This way you’ll be able to upgrade your port and purchase new watercraft. You’ll also need a crew. Send your people on missions, and when the situation requires it, personally take the helm of the ship and face the vastness of the open sea.

Ships 22 features two game modes. In the first, strategic one, your role comes down to broad-based management: you give orders to your employees and you have the last word on the units – their repair, upgrades, and load. You also decide whether and when to start expanding the port in order to increase its capabilities and profitability.

In the second mode, you’ll move from the managerial chair to the deck of the ship to personally lead the sea expedition. This is where Ships 22 changes from an economic strategy to an action/simulation game. Balancing between these two modes increases the immersion, diversifies the gameplay and doesn’t let you get bored.

The game lets you manage a variety of ships. Among the available vessels, you’ll find a container ship, an icebreaker, a rescue unit, an oiler, a tanker, and a cruise ship.

Ships 22 features a realistic, open-world with a daily time system. The dynamics of the game is stimulated by the randomness of events, including changing weather. When you sail out to the sea, you never know what awaits you.
In addition, you also have a number of varied missions to complete, each of them different and determined by the type of the ship you’ll be managing. Every completed assignment brings you closer to the main goal of the game, i.e. the expansion of the port. Play Ships 22 and set out on unforgettable sea adventures!

Selected available ships:Container ship;
Rescue unit;
Cruise ship.Features of the game:realistic open world,
random events and missions,
expansion of the port.
ship repair and expansion,
a diverse selection of vessels,
port and multi-maritime management,
direct inspection of ships,
daily system,
a random weather system that affects the difficulty of the mission.
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When was this game updated?icon

Ships 2022 is updated at 2023-08-31.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Ships 2022 is GamesLab.

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