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Shy Girl's Makeover

Shy Girl's Makeover

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Kenta Nakajima is an ordinary college student, a calm and quiet person who doesn’t stand out in class but has one close friend: Ayaka Minami.

Ayaka’s personality is much like his own. Just like him, she is calm and shy – and she shares his hobby playing video games.

Thanks to their shared hobby, the two grow ever closer together. Kenta is even able to change classes and be with Ayaka during college hours. Together, they spend happy days as gaming friends, though neither of them is able to cross the line and confess their true feelings for each other.

One day, the happy couple is greeted by a familiar, cheerful voice: Shou Igarashi, a popular sports student, approaches Ayaka with the intent to get closer to her.

Three students and one love: The beginning of a new path in life for Kenta and Ayaka.

Play as Kenta and experience life at college as well as outside of it. Decide his actions during the day, spend time together with Ayaka during lunchtime at college or talk to other students to hear about the latest rumors.
Social media: Kenta can follow an account known for rather scandalous posts about other students. It might be wise to see if they’re posting something about Ayaka…
Two perspectives: While the story is primarily told from Kenta’s perspective, events can also be experienced from Ayaka’s point of view by interacting with the TV in Kenta’s room, or alternatively by unlocking and entering the reminiscence room.

A blend of RPG and Visual Novel: Kenta’s parts include making decisions on daily actions while Ayaka’s side is told in the style of a visual novel.
Difficulty Setting: You can choose between four different difficulties that range all the way from offering a relaxing experience to a hard challenge. You can also toggle an option giving you hints about Ayaka’s current location.
Multiple Endings: The outcome of the story depends entirely on the player’s choices and actions.
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Seiheiki Times
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When was this game updated?icon

Shy Girl's Makeover is updated at 2024-04-03.

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The provider of Shy Girl's Makeover is Seiheiki Times.

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