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Slime Volley

Slime Volley

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Get Ready for Bouncy Arcade Fun with Slime Volley!

Step into the bouncy and exciting arcade game of Slime Volley! This isn't your typical volleyball game – it's an arcade sensation that takes the classic sport and gives it a bouncy, slimy twist. Prepare for a thrilling multiplayer showdown as you leap onto the court for some fast-paced action.

🏐 Volleyball, Slimified: Take on your friends or AI opponents in a unique take on the traditional volleyball game.

🕹️ Arcade Multiplayer: Grab a friend for some local multiplayer mayhem or face off against AI opponents in single-player mode. The arcade-style mechanics make it perfect for quick and intense matches.

🎮 Pick-up-and-Play: Slime Volley is designed for instant fun. Jump into a match whenever you have a few minutes to spare and experience the joy of arcade gaming without the wait.

🟡 Tailored Slime Settings: Take charge of the slimy players themselves! Adjust jump, movement, and even gravity to create a slime that suits your playstyle.

🏐 Ball Customization: Tune the ball's speed, size, and gravity to orchestrate the perfect match. From slow-rolling giants to hyperactive pinballs, you have the power to make every volley a unique challenge.

⌨️ 2-Player Keyboard Mayhem: Grab a friend and dive into exhilarating 2-player matches using just your keyboard. Engage in lightning-fast rallies, strategic plays, and bouncy battles that will keep both players on their toes.

🎮 Controller Compatibility: Prefer a controller in hand? No problem! Slime Volley seamlessly supports a variety of controllers, letting you play exactly the way you want.

🎵 Music: Immerse yourself in the world of Slime Volley with 7 handpicked music tracks. With every rally, you'll feel the energy of the game come alive, enhanced by the pulse of the music.Jump in and Start Rallying!
Slime Volley brings the excitement of the arcade to your fingertips. With its simple controls, physics, and addictive gameplay, it's the perfect game to challenge friends, family, or anyone looking for a quick dose of bouncy entertainment. Are you ready to embrace the slime and become the ultimate Slime Volley champion?
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When was this game updated?icon

Slime Volley is updated at 2023-08-26.

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The provider of Slime Volley is Manarock.

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