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SOS: Forgotten Planet

SOS: Forgotten Planet

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SOS: Forgotten Planet is an Educational Survival Horror game where you learn Morse Code. You play as test subject 2173, who wakes up in a destroyed lab. Your goal is to escape but before you can you must solve the mystery of how the lab and the planet as a whole met its doom. The lab and the cause of the destruction are procedurally generated allowing for lots of replayability.Learn Morse Code
This game will teach you Morse Code in both inputting and listening. Use Morse Code to open doors and interact with the environment. Listen to and decode it to open chests to get the items needed to survive. The game can accommodate total newcomers to Morse Code and experienced vets with difficulty options that you can increase as you get more familiar with it.Procedurally Generated World and Story
Every level is procedurally generated, meaning that no playthrough will be the same. You’ll have to navigate your way through various zones of a destroyed lab avoiding and sometimes fighting various monsters along the way. There is also a mystery to uncover of how the world came to be destroyed but the cause is different each time. You will have to uncover clues and use your skills of deduction in order to find out the truth.Use what you can to survive
The lab is a dangerous place and you’ll need to protect yourself but the dangers here can't be easily killed. There will be multiple gadgets that you will find while exploring the lab. These gadgets will help navigate the ruins and escape its dangers. They will be randomized each play-through with different paths to upgrade, giving you the chance to experience new combinations each time. Developed live on TwitchThis game is developed almost entirely while live streaming on twitch. I believe in making the development process open to everyone and I hope you drop in and join my communities on twitch or discord.FeaturesLearn and use Morse Code to explore the world and gain the items needed to survive
Procedurally generated map and story
Scary Monsters
Inventory Management
Upgrade system to increase survivability and gadgets
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Risky Biscuit Games
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SOS: Forgotten Planet is updated at 2024-03-24.

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The provider of SOS: Forgotten Planet is Risky Biscuit Games.

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