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Spice Sacrifice

Spice Sacrifice

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Spice Sacrifice is a JRPG style game with randomized action-platformer battles.

Travel through an underworld full of caves of guts and bones, or goo and piercings or other fantastical stuff. But watch out for the spice that permeates the air, it will transport your character's minds to a dimension full of dangerous beasts that they must fight. Not to mention all the other dangers that keep getting people killed in gruesomely bizarre ways.

Two of the main characters are Oregano - the anxious wreck who must rescue his boyfriend, and Yonko Donko - the punk donkey with amnesia. The story will feature themes of sexuality, mental health, queer comradery, and finding a sense of place in a hostile world.

Outside of battle, Spice Sacrifice plays like a JRPG with in-depth story segments, towns, dungeons, managing equipment and items, leveling up and collecting things, and minigames.

Travel the overworld to find and hang out with various NPC's and grow friendships with them and advance the story. The gameplay has lots of intertwining systems to keep everything deep and addicting.

When you enter a battle, the game becomes an action-platformer with completely randomized levels. A random-gen system makes each screen unique, with random wall layouts, enemy placements, powerups, etc. Avoid the enemy's spells and use a variety of high-impact attacks to survive.CHARACTERSThe game has an ensemble cast of playable characters and NPCs, such as:
Oregano, the perpetually anxious green canine who must rescue his boyfriend captured by a cultist.
Yonko Donko, the donkey who taps into her inner butch badass as she tries to locate her fav punk idol.
Preston, the nudist burnout shopkeeper who scavenges the ground for items.
Marble, the otherworldly latex-clad being who is a total sweetie.
Marlowe, a cocoon-dragon who lives in a sleepy little town.
Clyde, mysterious mummy, possibly hibernates in an egg made of bandages.
Two mysterious prophets, and their floating mangled-head pet named Bunnee.ACCESSIBILITYA few accessibility options we'll include:
turn off screenshake & tone down flashy effects
slow down time for all battles by % amount, making the game easier to control
hide nude illustrations
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Spice Sacrifice is updated at 2023-05-28.

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The provider of Spice Sacrifice is resnijars.

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