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Super 10 Pin

Super 10 Pin

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Strike your way through a wild world of bowling in Super 10 Pin! Explore a diverse range of unbelievable N64-styled bowling lanes, filled with curves, jumps, traps, obstacles and surprises! Watch your ball grow, fly through the air, and even explode as you master unique ball abilities to overcome any obstacle thrown your way.FeaturesControl is Key
Master Super 10 Pin's unique bowling mechanics to steer your ball into the perfect position! Timing a perfect throw will fill up your invaluable "Spin" meter, used to control your ball as it speeds down the lane!
Over 50 Wild Lanes
Bowl on lanes that defy gravity, challenge your skills in obstacle-filled gauntlets, and roll your way through unexpected surprises in locations you've never imagined!
The Right Ball for the Job
Keep an eye out for special ball pickups as you head for a strike, they have powerful abilities that will help you surmount any obstacle on your quest for the perfect game.
Collectables and Unlockables
Aim for perfect scores to unlock new worlds and lanes. Collect challenging bonus stars to score an immediate strike, and unlock stylish new bowling balls!
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Modus Interactive
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When was this game updated?icon

Super 10 Pin is updated at 2023-10-07.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Super 10 Pin is Modus Interactive.

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