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Dawn Restart: Survival RPG
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Dawn Restart: Survival RPG

icon 9.1
Available on iconicon
Initial release Apr 30, 2023
Dawn Restart: Survival is a survival building sim which values plot progression. Our stories are full of unexpected events and elements of adventure.
Game Features:
★ Explore and rebuild this post-apocalyptic world! Get creative, assemble and manage over 50 characters with unique abilities and traits. Build with more than 60 functional facilities and thousands more of decorations.
★ Cooperate and rise by lifting each other. Explore various mysterious locations of a postwar wasteland and kick start a brand new adventure. Over 100 unique cinematic events and more to come in subsequent updates.
★ Original world building with histories both above and beneath ground. Build your own sanctuary and enjoy various gameplay including farming, gathering, supply ordering, manufacturing, rearing animals, decorating and more! You can even explore subterranean warehouses, wilderness scouting, refugee rescue, character development and other gameplay that adds realism to the game world.
★ Decorate your own sanctuary with a multitude of uniquely themed items including futurism and steam-punk.
★ *Enjoy immense degrees of freedom when building!

Game world in brief:
1. May, our heroine, is a miraculous girl who survived her 14 years life alone. With endless curiosity and vitality, she's the flower of hope on this lifeless land.
2. Vincent, our protagonist, is an abnormally powerful middle-aged man suffering from amnesia. A classic tough guy who doesn't talk much. He remembers nothing but insists that he once had a daughter, stubbornly struggling to find her.
3. As the story goes on, May and Vincent gradually open up to each other. During their journey looking for the non-existent daughter of Vincent, lots of secrets and hidden history and technology are exposed. Based on a research facility left by a scientist named Sion, May and Vincent build a habitation to shelter everyone and rebuild the overworld. This habitation is called "Dawn Restart".
4. Each and every chapter introduces a brand new character, all of them with unique back-stories and can be recruited to your sanctuary. They will provide you with new abilities. In fact, they are androids who live exactly like a real person. A super high-level AI makes them living on this world.
This game is made of chapters. New chapters will be updated gradually. The gameplay is highly unrestricted. All of the resources, architectures, even animals can be relocated to your liking. Resources such as trees, stones, ruins, headwaters can also be collected.
What’s new

Optimized order items and prices.
Optimized military island missions and fixed some excavation errors on the military island.
Added a diamond healing feature to the militia camp.
Fixed issues with airport battle reports.
Corrected radio station descriptions.
Resolved some crash issues. If you encounter any crashes, please contact customer support.

To provide a better gaming experience and a more reasonable production and consumption, we have made some adjustments this time:
Optimized item orders, train station orders, train station box rewards, and item order amounts.
Optimized item prices in the exchange and item backpack selling prices.
Optimized mining mission rewards.
Optimized the experience of placing items on tables and in cabins.
Adjusted the items in train station lottery, airport lottery, and military island lottery.
Adjusted regular radar and advanced radar rewards.
Adjusted cumulative recharge rewards, VIP daily rewards, and daily/weekly/monthly package contents.
Added a quick-read feature for VIP3 orders.
Added a preview of opponent hero attributes in the airport.
Fixed the display error of additional bonus gold in orders.
Fixed the dispatch error at the prospecting station.

Optimize the number of items in train station orders.
Optimize the matchmaking range at the airport.
Increase VIP package and initial backpack capacity.
Fix issues with diamond farms and greenhouse yield and planting time.

Corrected train order rewards and order items.
Optimized the distribution of resources on the Military Island map.

Optimize the probabilities and quantity of rewards for Military Island, Train Station, and Airport lotteries.
Optimize the rewards for Train Station orders.
Increase the number of slots in the backpack as you level up.
Optimize the distribution of resources on the Military Island map.

Optimize exploration mail reports, allowing you to view the attributes and equipment of opponents' heroes during exploration.
Optimize the diamond cost for quick recruitment of militia.
Optimize the display of hero attributes in the interface.
Optimize the quantity and types of items in the exchange.
Optimize the quantity and types of items in the VIP shop.

Optimize equipment and hero star ratings, increase attribute bonuses to troops.
Optimize the exchange by increasing the number of slots and adjusting item prices.
Optimize the cost in diamonds for rapidly completing residential recruitment.
Optimize the healing time for wounded soldiers.
Optimize the display of hero attributes.
Optimize interaction logic in exploration.
Optimize VIP bonuses for backpack capacity.
Optimize the quantity of radars and advanced telegraph machines in the VIP shop.
Remove the last cloud at the recycling center and camp on the map.
Fix exploration-related issues and enhance the exploration experience.
Optimize task experience and completion patterns.
Correct errors in some hero skill descriptions and target selection.
Optimize robot production and construction; change bullet production to armor-piercing rounds.
Adjust radar difficulty, experience, and rewards; fix radar sweep reward display errors, and increase radar levels.
Improve resource distribution on Armory Island; address the issue of ineffective bridge repairs on Armory Island.
Optimize feed production quantity.
Improve idle farming time, provide bonuses for farm greenhouse quantity, and add bonuses for stars on Xer and Vitaa. Fix max-star farming errors.
Adjust item selling prices in the exchange and backpack.
Optimize order difficulty, train station difficulty, and the number of diamonds for fast train returns.
Optimize gold production and consumption.
Adjust manufacturing time for factories.
Optimize building upgrade materials.
Address performance issues.
Fix bugs in the seven-day activities, sign-in, and challenge activities.
Fix hero idle gathering errors.
Fix mail UI errors.
Resolve some language issues for different countries.
Introduce a gold growth fund.

Additional information
Restart dawn
In-app Purchases
English, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Other Language, French, Malay, Ukrainian, Turkish, Hindi, Indonesian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Polish, Swedish, Romanian, Filipino, Bulgarian, Afrikaans, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Norwegian
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374 MB
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jay zhang
jay zhang
Restart:Dawn is a nice post-apocalyptic survival simulation title game
Restart:Dawn is an apocalypse-themed simulation game where stories take sudden twists and are full of unexpected events. The story is much interesting as it is filled with curiosity and vitality. The protagonist of the story whose name is Vincent is shown as an abnormally middle-aged man who is a classic rough and tough guy who suffers from amnesia. The female protagonist named May is a miraculous girl who stands as the only flower of hope in the no man’s land.
Restart:Dawn  is a nice post-apocalyptic survival simulation title game
Survival Farm: Adventure RPG Reviews
Restart:Dawn  is a nice post-apocalyptic survival simulation title game
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"Dawn Restart: Survival" - Embark on a Post-Apocalyptic Adventure
"Dawn Restart: Survival" – Embark on an Uncharted Post-Apocalyptic Expedition
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"Dawn Restart: Survival" – Embark on an Uncharted Post-Apocalyptic Expedition
"Dawn Restart: Survival" - Embark on a Post-Apocalyptic Adventure
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"Dawn Restart: Survival" - Embark on a Post-Apocalyptic Adventure


What is the latest version of Survival Farm: Adventure RPG? When was this game updated?icon

The latest version of Survival Farm: Adventure RPG is 1.1.46, updated at 2024-05-25.

what's new in the latest version of Survival Farm: Adventure RPG?icon

1. Automatic login to the game.
2. Performance optimization for smoother gameplay.
3. Optimization of some map issues.
4. Improved calculation for exploration forces.
5. Added one-click harvest function.
6. Added event [Survivors Return].
7. A total of 26 minor bugs fixed.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Survival Farm: Adventure RPG is Restart dawn.

Can I play Survival Farm: Adventure RPG on Android/iOS?icon

Now Survival Farm: Adventure RPG is available on Android.

What languages are supported by the game?icon

Survival Farm: Adventure RPG supports 32 languages including English,Traditional Chinese,Russian,Vietnamese,Thai,Spanish,German,Portuguese,Korean,Japanese,Other Language,French,Malay,Ukrainian,Turkish,Hindi,Indonesian,Czech,Danish,Dutch,Finnish,Italian,Polish,Swedish,Romanian,Filipino,Bulgarian,Afrikaans,Greek,Hebrew,Hungarian,Norwegian etc.

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