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The Perfect Tower

The Perfect Tower

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Working Onhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1197260/The_Perfect_Tower_II/
About the GameThe Perfect Tower is an idle strategy game that puts your tower defense and resource management skills to the test. As waves of enemies relentlessly approach, your task is to defend your tower by upgrading a variety of enhancements. Destroyed enemies yield resources that can be used to enhance town buildings, discover new technologies, and improve your tower. Although your progress within the tower testing segment resets upon the destruction of your tower, the town acts as a persistent hub where you can permanently enhance and upgrade your tower. These improvements empower you to tackle higher waves during subsequent tower testing sessions.Development ProcessThe #4 idle game on Kongregate is coming to Steam and you can be part of the journey!
The Perfect Tower was originally released in 2016 on Kongregate and was the first game to combine the theme of tower defense with incremental mechanics.
Following its initial release, the game continued to be developed in close collaboration with the community. We've been employing this method ever since.
We wanted to present the community with an update as well as a long requested Steam version now that the sequel, The Perfect Tower II, is soon exiting early access and releasing officially! On our Twitch channel, we'll be streaming the entire update and porting process. If you want to be a part of the experience, follow us on Twitch or join our Discord server, where we will also be collecting feedback and suggestions.Key Features A mix of tower defense and incremental mechanics
Normal and Challenge mode with different difficulties
Mission mode - create a blueprint to solve the mission
Town - a hub with different buildings and lots of meta progression
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Fire Sword Studios
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The Perfect Tower is updated at 2023-07-17.

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The provider of The Perfect Tower is Fire Sword Studios.

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