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Timmy's Adventures

Timmy's Adventures

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Timmy turns 21 and decides to enter the wonderful world of Dis... the stock market.
One day his boss invests all of Timmy's capital in a somewhat questionable business and in just a matter of minutes he loses all his money, now it's you who can help Timmy get his money back, facing the greedy villains of "New Compton".This game contains a lot of things never seen before : Lie, this game is programmed by apes in captivity remotely on a hidden island in Asia.
The only mechanic there is for jumping and moving... we didn't want to add more mechanics because we know the motor skills of the average Timmy's adventures player.
A visual design never seen before, well, actually it was seen before, but more than 100 years ago. So if you are a fan of cartoons and retro movies, don't miss out on living this fascinating experience from the visual side.
Are you tired of impossible games to play?. That is why this game has an arcade mode with simple controls that will not make your head explode, with the most known retro gameplay, but at the same time with extremely challenging levels.
This game assures you hours of laughter and fun, since it is a satire of the madness that was lived in the 20's, in it you will be able to see black humor jokes, parodies of fictional characters, and more!
The story in this game is not everything, but it is an important part, since from time to time it gives unexpected twists to the plot, making this installment a very entertaining game.
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Franco Hernandez
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When was this game updated?icon

Timmy's Adventures is updated at 2023-04-21.

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The provider of Timmy's Adventures is Franco Hernandez.

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