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Ultimate Godspeed

Ultimate Godspeed

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About the Game

In Ultimate Godspeed you'll be able to compete against your friends in local and online multiplayer. With the help of your divine entitie, you can place a huge variety of items on the track. Anywhere you want! Now the race of champions begins! Use your shortcuts while avoiding the traps of your opponents. And who knows, maybe someone will fall victim to one of your traps.

Items in Ultimate Godspeed are level objects like ramps, platforms, holes and other are traps like an ice patch where you lose control, deadly rotating saw blades or oily surfaces which can obscure the players sight. These items allow for different play styles like building the fastest shortcut possible or a chaotic death trap.
Shortcut Items: Ramps, bridges and rails, everything to get you to the finish line safe and fast.
Deadly Items: Rotating saw blades, holes full of poison or should it be a deadly, swinging scythe?
Assist Items: Everything to get rid of an opponent a little faster. Ice patches where you lose control or oily surfaces which can obscure the players sight.
And of course, the divine beings will craft many more items to bring more chaos to the race in the future.

You can get points for reaching the goal first, breaking the current time record, collecting coins or for assassinating other players. Just don't get killed by your own creations!
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When was this game updated?icon

Ultimate Godspeed is updated at 2024-03-15.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Ultimate Godspeed is Ninoko.

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