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About the Game

You play as a charming Mech unit that has awakened to discover a world overrun by corrupted AI. Choose your path and rewards allowing you to research new skills, mod your Mech and its weapons and grow stronger. And yes, you can also play with your Mech looks!

The search for your missing pilot friend will bring you to different spectacular locations where the impact of the AI upraise changed the world as we know it. Every fight will take place in a selected location of this beautiful and devastated world. Your quest will bring you to places like a deserted Barcelona, Industrialized Nairobi, the mines hidden in the snowy mountain rifts of North America or an overgrown and futuristic Hong Kong.

We have combined the handcrafted approach to our level design with a randomization system. The type of enemies, the amount, the sequence and the timing will be different every time you play the same level. This way, instead of memorizing, the player is asked to master the combat systems and react to every new situation. You’ll encounter increasingly challenging threats that will test all your combat skills. However, there will also be ways for you to upgrade and customize your arsenal. 

In every run, you’ll have to navigate through every region map. The rewards (often 2) that can be found will be relevant in order to choose the path forward. These maps (and the associated rewards) are different after every death and restart.

As you play, new weapons will unlock, ranging from shotguns and auto-rifles to plasma boomerangs and rocket launchers. Each weapon can handle different situations and enemies better: some are devastating against big swarms of enemies while others are better suited for heavily armored foes. You can equip them in pairs and experiment to find your favorite combination for every occasion.

During a run, the Mech unit can be improved in different ways. Plugins will add new skills, improve some of the stats or enhance your special Heat Attacks. They can be leveled up for an even stronger effect. Additionally, weapon mods are special effects that can be equipped on weapons with available slots. Experiment with their effects on every weapon type and combine them to create your favorite build. More than one weapon mod of the same type can be stacked to increase the intensity of the effects.

Once the Mech is defeated, it will be reprinted on the Orbital Station that acts as your main hub. Modifications for weapons and other perks will be gone. However, the Intel that you have collected will be useful here to acquire permanent upgrades from the Research Tree. These upgrades will increase your survivability, attack or add some nice extras for the run in the form of Expansion Cartridges. However, not all of them can be equipped at once since your Memory capacity is limited. You’ll have to choose Expansion Cartridges wisely based on your preferred playstyle and strategy. Luckily, Memory capacity can also be increased, giving you a chance of stacking more of the Expansion Cartridges in the future.

Customizable and moddable mech roguelite shooter with great replayability
Top-notch shooting, controls and gameplay
Charming story of the Mech looking for its missing pilot friend
Deadly and satisfying combos due to modding and plugin system
Hand-crafted levels tailored for intense and tightly measured challenges
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When was this game updated?icon

Uragun is updated at 2023-08-26.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Uragun is Kool2Play.

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