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Yao-Guai Hunter

Yao-Guai Hunter

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Early AccessThe Game is currently in Early Access, and we will do our best to provide the best experience for English players.
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About the GameIn a world where humans and Yao-Guai coexist,
these Yao-Guai with magical powers pose a threat.
To combat this danger, individuals called "Yao-Guai hunters" are trained in martial arts and spells to fight against them.
You will play as a heroic demon hunter battling a horde of Yao-Guai.Journey of Yao-slaying
Martial arts techniques are presented as cards.
Winning depends on strategic use of cards against enemies.
Techniques learned from defeating enemies are added to your deck.
Success depends on choosing the right cards and combining them with deck talents.Deckbuilding, various way of winning
In this perilous journey of Yao-slaying, you will delve deeper into your own martial arts skills.
You will have the opportunity to acquire more cards to fill your deck, and each journey presents different choices.
Make your own choices and build a unique card deck that belongs to you. Then, use it to defeat the enemies!Inner Skill
Only by defeating powerful enemies can you experience breakthroughs within yourself!
After defeating a strong enemy, you can choose to study one of three randomly generated Inner Skill.
The combination of Inner Skill and your card deck allows you to experience the ever-changing nature of a rogue-like game.unexpected encounters in the world of Yao-Guai Hunter
You may encounter a mysterious merchant on the road who sells rare elixirs, and various events along the way will give you a taste of the strange world of these Yao-Guai.
You will solve a series of events between humans and Yao-Guai, gradually approach the story behind them, and ultimately stop the events. Alternatively, you may collect fragments during your journeys to uncover the truth hidden behind the story.
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When was this game updated?icon

Yao-Guai Hunter is updated at 2023-11-25.

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The provider of Yao-Guai Hunter is MòGames.

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