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YUMI High School Simulator 3D

YUMI High School Simulator 3D

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Initial release May 02, 2021
Anime girl High school games is very entertaining and exciting fighting yumi high simulation games where anime girls can play virtual high 女子校生 games. ZeroLoft presents Yumi high school simulator, In anime girl games you will get to see variety of thrilling missions in virtual high مدرسة. In this anime girl games you must make new anime friends to become the most popular anime girl in the yumi virtual high school. High مدرسة life is a memorable life for all high مدرسة students where you play learn a lot and make memories with anime friends of high مدرسة.

The player can enjoy chill girl schoolmate games in the 女子校生 simulation or anime 3d high yumi school games. Complete challenging missions in the anime girl 3D games. Enjoy the levels of high مدرسة games. As an anime player start your high مدرسة life journey to play entertaining levels. Do you love dress up games? We have added customization of dresses you can choose dress and dress up your anime character simulation. Anime Fighting Girl High School is an entertaining and thrilling simulation games where anime sakora girls can play 3D games in a high-simulated 3D school. Anime girls games gives you verity of high school challenging missions like fighting cooking etc. Anime high school games is a popular anime girls games in 2023.

Features of virtual anime girl high school simulator games:
- variety of thrilling missions in girl مدرسة games
- Unlock all customizations in anime girl games like color picker bags hairs outfits
- Customize your anime girl character with outfits bags and hair
- In virtual high school games you will see different kinds of building such as yumi school gym coffee shop
- 3d amazing parks super Markets and so on
- In this simulation games you will also see different kinds of vehicles like bus cars bike and cycles etc
- Amazing girls games with smooth controls
- Highly 3d graphics of anime virtual 3d girls games

In this games we offer you to enjoy dress up games make over games customization of bags and hairs in these anime high 女子校生 games. In this anime high dمدرسة 3 games you will get the chance to experience a real high school life simulator 3D games or anime girl games.

Its time to take admission in girl high school So, get up early in the morning as yumi high school student for visit your high مدرسة go and wash your face change your anime girl clothes take documents file and drop them in admin office in high مدرسة simulation games.

Now visit your anime friend house and discussed about your admission in anime girl school. Its your result day check your mail whether you are selected or not for anime girl high مدرسة. When you are selected got to supermarket of 3d city get uniform and pay bill for high school.

Its your first day at high school as a high مدرسة student get ready for school and don't be late for your first lecture in high school. Introduce your self as high مدرسة student in front of current students. Today is your quiz as high school student Collect your quiz papers from admin office in high مدرسة simulation game. Find your classroom in high simulator 3d games where your teacher is taking the quiz from current students. Don’t make the high مدرسة teacher simulator games angry at you in a yumi high school 3d games.

Now there is a sports competition in your virtual 3d school check your high school's notice board and participate in the sports gala as a Current high school student in anime school As a 女子校生 you should need to join gym for exercise for مدرسة sports games. After performing exercise go to City 3D Park to relax a little bit as you are tired because working out in high school simulator games.

In this virtual girl games there is sports gala in anime girl's مدرسة. As a high school student get up early in the morning and dress up, reach the high school early. As a high مدرسة students Win the competitions and get rewards.
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Added New Features
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What is the latest version of YUMI High School Simulator 3D? When was this game updated?icon

The latest version of YUMI High School Simulator 3D is 1.0.38, updated at 2023-10-16.

what's new in the latest version of YUMI High School Simulator 3D?icon

Added New Features
Bugs are removed
Improved Game Play

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of YUMI High School Simulator 3D is ZeroLoft Games.

Can I play YUMI High School Simulator 3D on Android/iOS?icon


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