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Banner of Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms Global

11 Civilizations, 34 Heroes, Real WarfareFrom the depths of obscurity to the peaks of legend, you will be the author of your civilization's history. Will you launch epic wars and conquer the ent...
Banner of Doomsday: Last Survivors

Doomsday: Last Survivors

Real Time Tactics4XTacticsSurvivalZombiesStrategyRPGMassively Multiplayer
Doomsday: Last Survivors is a zombie survival game with multiplayer online competition and real-time strategy elements. Set in a near future where zombies have taken over the world, survivors must fig...
Banner of Age of Origins

Age of Origins

A virus is spreading throughout the world, causing the zombies to rise up and take over our homes. The land has fallen into complete chaos. Commander, we need you to help rebuild our city and lead the...
Banner of King of Avalon: Dragon War | Multiplayer Strategy

King of Avalon: Dragon War | Multiplayer Strategy

King Arthur fell in battle, a victim of the betrayal of his nephew Mordred. Now, his body lies in a fortress on the sacred Isle of Avalon next to his powerful sword, Excalibur. It is only when Excalib...
Banner of Civilization: Eras & Allies 2K

Civilization: Eras & Allies 2K

Embark on a journey through the ages of history and forge your path to glory. Step into the shoes of legendary leaders and command empires that have shaped the world. From the legions of Julius Caesar...
Banner of State of Survival

State of Survival JP

The government and the army have long since disintegrated, and the sporadic artillery fire and the lack of an organized system of defense are unbeatable. The government and the army have long since di...
Banner of Three Kingdoms Tactics

Three Kingdoms Tactics SEA

**Over 70 million downloads in Asia**Winner of Google Play’s Best Game of 2021 in multiple regions**Winner of Google Play 2021 users’ choice in multiple regionsTry this realistic war-based game now...
Banner of Project CNC

Project CNC

4XStrategyBase Building
Welcome back, Commander!The great conquer lies ahead of you. Devise masterful real time strategy to rule the land on a vast map shared by players around the World. Harvest resources, develop advanced....
Banner of Rise of Brickworld

Rise of Brickworld

4XStrategyCity Builder
Rise of Brickworld is a brick themed city-building 4x strategy game. You play the intrepid explorer Captain Edward, who stumbled across a misty island and became trapped by a devastating tsunami. Your...
Banner of Civilization: Reign of Power

Civilization: Reign of Power

A new MMOSLG based on the world of Sid Meier's Civilization 5.Play your way through the ages and choose your path to victory! Will you win through Domination, Culture, or Science?Recruit historical .....
Banner of Lords Mobile: Last Fighter

Lords Mobile: Last Fighter Global

Lords Mobile is teaming up with THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV! Witness the awe-inspiring might of the legendary fighters, Kyo Kusanagi and Mai Shiranui, as they enter the fray in the Kingdoms of Athena!Ar.....
Banner of Art of War 3:RTS strategy game

Art of War 3:RTS strategy game US

А unique classic real-time strategy game with direct control - for true commanders who are not afraid to face the enemy in real-time PvP battles! For those who want to feel the thrill of victory over ...
Banner of Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms KR

■ 자유도 높은 전략 플레이적을 우회하여 포위하는 섬멸 진형, 지형을 이용한 매복, 위기에 봉착한 아군 지원 등 에서는 자유도 높은 컨트롤로 전쟁의 양상을 한 번에 뒤엎을 수 있는 다양한 전략을 구사할 수 있습니다.위대한 전쟁 속에서 “전 세계를 정복”한 지도자는 아직 없습니다!공성전, 약탈, 야전, 대규모 원정 그리고 동맹을 활용해 전 세계 문...
Banner of Rise of Castles: Ice and Fire

Rise of Castles: Ice and Fire

One World, One ServerReal Time Nation vs. Nation medieval strategy war game. Join now! Train your troops and go to war!Rise of Castles is a Massive Multi-Player, Real-Time strategy war game. The p...
Banner of The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is a turn based civilization strategy game about controlling the map, fighting enemy tribes, discovering new lands and mastering new technologies. You take on the role as the r...
Banner of Hades' Star: DARK NEBULA

Hades' Star: DARK NEBULA EA Global

Start your own personal journey in the Hades Galaxy, or continue guiding the Empire you started in Hades' Star.DARK NEBULA is the next evolution of the Hades galaxy. With familiar but well-refined a.....
Banner of Iron Marines Offline Strategy

Iron Marines Offline Strategy

From the creators of the award-winner Kingdom Rush comes the most extraordinary offline space odyssey.Fight challenging offline real time strategy battles on amazing and unknown planets. Command br...
Banner of Hades' Star

Hades' Star

Leave your mark among millions of players in a persistent galaxy that constantly grows and evolves.Hades’ Star is a unique online space strategy game. You are in control of a growing Empire, startin.....
Banner of Giant Monster War - O

Giant Monster War - O

The Global Launch will begin at 12:00(GMT+8) Wednesday, October 5, 2022!“Giant Monster War” is a 4X strategy game combining character development, simulation, real-time strategy and tower defense. J.....
Banner of Guardian of Civilization

Guardian of Civilization

In history, many brilliant civilizations faced annihilation due to the invasion of powerful empires, leaving only sighs of regret. In a fictional world, you will take on the role Guardian of Civilizat...
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