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Boomer Shooter

Boomer Shooter

Banner of Bears In Space

Bears In Space

RobotsRetroCartoonArena ShooterFast-pacedSci-fiFPSAction
Get ready to unleash your inner bear in Bears in Space, the over-the-topbullet-hell FPS that's bound to have you ROARING with excitement! Dive headfirst into hordes of oil-thirsty robots as you embo.....
Banner of Quadrillion


Pixel GraphicsRetroFPSActionNaval CombatBoomer ShooterFirst-PersonDemons
"Quadrillion" presents an immersive alternate-history experience set in the backdrop of a darkly reimagined First World War. This first-person game masterfully blends elements of dark fantasy with a u...
Banner of Quack Attack

Quack Attack

Character Action GameCartoonArena ShooterFPSActionBoomer ShooterCartoonyFirst-Person
Who said Carnage couldn't be cute?Welcome to the wildest and wackiest arena shooter on the block! Dive into the chaotic world of 4v4 battles on a cube planet where the action is as unpredictable as .....
Banner of Space Show edition 17

Space Show edition 17

Post-apocalypticSci-fiActionBoomer ShooterMarsAliensTop-DownMilitary
Take possession of an over-armed spaceship to succeed in the Space Show challenges!3 brands of equipment with very different philosophies:Falcon industrie: agility and responsivenessWolf Tech: the ...
Banner of Tilt


CartoonArena ShooterSci-fiFPSActionBoomer ShooterFirst-PersonCasual
In Tilt, forget everything you know about gravity, as you use your A.E.R.O.G.R.I.P. to walk on walls, put cubes on the ceiling, and manipulate your gravity at will.After being selected to take pa...
Banner of Battle Marine

Battle Marine

Pixel GraphicsRetroActionNaval CombatBoomer ShooterNavalBullet HellSpectacle fighter
OverviewBattle Marine is a simple naval barrage STG.Enjoy a somewhat retro yet new and exhilarating game experience by firing a barrage of shots, inducing explosions, sweeping with powerful lasers, a....
Banner of Exovoid


RobotsDarkSci-fiAction RPGFPSActionBoomer ShooterProcedural Generation
BEFORE YOU BUY!We are currently in **Pre-Alpha.**What does that mean?We are giving you immediate access to our game in early and on-going development.The earlier you buy, the cheaper it is....
Banner of Win or Crash!

Win or Crash!

God GameTeam-BasedSportsBoomer ShooterTurn-Based StrategyStrategyBullet TimeRoguevania
Win or Crash! is a heart-pumping racing game that will push your driving skills to the limit.You'll find yourself racing on an incredibly dangerous track that winds its way high above the groun...
Banner of Nine Nights

Nine Nights

CartoonAction RoguelikeActionBoomer ShooterPoint & ClickGun CustomizationCasualTop-Down
This is an action shooting adventure meat pigeon game.Various immortal tools that can be upgraded and downgraded!A simple and interesting linkage magic weapon! More interesting treasures waitin...
Banner of Anomalytics: From the Files of the Arcane Statistics Authority

Anomalytics: From the Files of the Arcane Statistics Authority

ActionBoomer ShooterFirst-PersonRoguelikeDetectiveHorrorTime managementComedy
As a newly-minted field agent of the Arcane Statistics Authority, delve into the concrete depths of abandoned logistics facilities, malicious start-ups, and redacted art exhibitions to log arcane phen...
Banner of OM6N


SurvivalFPSActionBoomer ShooterFirst-PersonDemonsHorrorBlood
Experience a challenging campaign spanning across many unique locations as you fight to uncover the source of this malevolent omen.Arm yourself with over a dozen different weapons as you fend off t...
Banner of Ash & Adam's GOBSMACKED


Post-apocalypticArena ShooterFast-pacedShortAction RoguelikeFPSActionBoomer Shooter
Gobsmacked is about riding a wave of chaos as you smash, tear, & shoot your way through waves of gladiator arenas, performing for adoring fans. It's the fast-paced mini-FPS roguelite you’ve always dr....
Banner of Incolatus


Lore-RichRobotsArena ShooterSci-fiFPSActionLinearBoomer Shooter
Incolatus is a dripping pink Y2K girly-pop retro-inspired arena-style movement FPS where standing still is not an option! This sh♥t is serious!!!!!!!!!! :3♥ A mining company is attempting to destr...
Banner of Sunken Shadows

Sunken Shadows

Pixel GraphicsArena ShooterUnderwaterFast-pacedAction RoguelikeFPSActionBoomer Shooter
A cruel wizard must be defeated in the the deep depths of the sea. Travel though an abandoned underwater city made of randomly generated rooms and floors you have to travel down. Each floor contains d...
Banner of SPYWARE


RetroFPSActionBoomer ShooterConspiracyFirst-PersonRoguelikeGun Customization
Get your spy onWorking as an agent for the intelligence agency Espion, you are tasked with infiltrating a rival company to disrupt their operations from the inside.There is one simple objective: e...
Banner of Clean Corps

Clean Corps

RetroCartoonEducationalFPSActionLinearBoomer ShooterCartoony
Clean Corps is a speed based First Person Shooter where you play as a trash collecting superhero!Shoot enemies and use your vacuum arm to clean up beaches, sewers, and more all while trying to get t.....
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