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Top City Builder Games

Top City Builder Games

Banner of VoxelScaper


SandboxVoxelProcedural GenerationCraftingCasualFamily FriendlyTop-DownOpen World
This is a diorama-style game designed purely to let you express your creativity. With its simple and intuitive interface, you can build a floating city in the sky, a lush garden oasis, or a whimsical ...
Banner of Rescue Team: Mineral of Miracles

Rescue Team: Mineral of Miracles

LinearStrategyCasualFamily FriendlyTime managementTop-DownAdventureBase Building
HISTORY:In the small town of Stonecane, the extraordinary discovery of a mineral named "Immortalite" has sent shockwaves across the globe. Acting with the newly-founded Immortalite Research Group, y.....
Banner of Battlefall: State of Conflict

Battlefall: State of Conflict

Post-apocalypticReal Time TacticsSandboxSci-fiActionStrategyCasualTime management
Discord CommunityAbout the GameWelcome to Battlefall: State of Conflict - Where the Wasteland is Your Battlefield!Embark on a thrilling journey into the heart of a shattered world, where the remn...
Banner of Strike Buster Prototype

Does anyone still fancy twin stick shooters nowadays?

Banner of CITRES


RomanceCartoonStrategyRelaxingSingleplayerBuildingPuzzleCity Builder
Welcome to Citres, the indie city builder where your urban planning skills meet classic puzzle excitement! Dive into a vibrant, low-poly world where cities are not just built; they're crafted with pre...
Banner of Factory Business Management

Factory Business Management

Real Time TacticsSandboxCapitalismTradingStrategyCraftingCasualPolitical Sim
Manage a small capital to start building buildings that manage and produce resources.Try to research new technologies that give you access to new types of buildings and products.Manage factories t...
Banner of XiJiang Shipyard

XiJiang Shipyard

Asynchronous MultiplayerLegoSandboxVoxelFirst-PersonRealisticCraftingOpen World
"Xijiang Shipyard" is a construction game with a realistic style that focuses on free creation.It has many features to serve creation: various shapes of geometry, rich realistic materials, realisti...
Banner of Blockbuster Inc. - Prologue

Blockbuster Inc. - Prologue

SandboxLevel EditorHistoricalCartoonyCasualFamily FriendlyTime managementCharacter Customization
WISHLIST THE FULL GAMEhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1793090/Blockbuster_Inc/About the GameWelcome to Blockbuster Inc., the next-generation simulation game where you take the reins of your movi...
Banner of Desktop Tourney World

Desktop Tourney World

Card BattlerSurvivalStrategyRPGCasualAdventureRacingRelaxing
Card pack opening and resource acquisitionCopper Coin Acquisition and Card Pack PurchaseGame features:1.Card collection, over 400+ cards available to collect;2.Career experience, the transitio...
Banner of Diorama Maker

Diorama Maker

LegoSandboxLevel EditorCasualFamily FriendlyCharacter CustomizationVROpen World
DISCORD COMMUNITYTake part in the development:Share your ideas,Participate in playtests,Give your opinion,And access devlogshttps://discord.gg/vTUFnXR5SfAbout the GameTons of features to unl...
Banner of Eve Of The Storm

Eve Of The Storm

Real Time TacticsStrategyRoguelikeDeckbuildingRacingFantasyRogueliteSingleplayer
Eve Of The Storm diverges from traditional survival-building games by incorporating card-based gameplay, challenging players to think about how to maximize benefits from the cards.Expand the island...
Banner of Bee Craft Sweet

Bee Craft Sweet

Real Time TacticsAgricultureIdlerSurvivalStrategyCraftingBase BuildingSingleplayer
Your mission is to guide the rookie queen bees and a few bees to survive the fierce competition for survival.Let's expand the base freely, healthy and cute bees will captivate your heart.Let's go ba.....


God GamePost-apocalypticColony SimAgricultureSurvivalStrategyRealisticCrafting
Game IntroductionIn 《伊甸园GARDEN OF EDEN》, you will lead an army to seek survival at sea.The first problem faced by players as commanders is how to survive.Unique settingsUnlike other settlement ...
Banner of Passive Income

Passive Income

Colony SimCartoonCapitalismIdlerCartoonyStrategyBase BuildingRelaxing
Passive Income is an idle-ish simulator game where you can build houses, get upgrades, and gain money over time! Chill out and relax as you rip rent out of little cartoon people's pockets. Upgrades he...
Banner of Grimbound


Colony SimTower DefenseDifficultSurvivalActionStrategyDemonsTop-Down
In short:A minimalistic but challenging blend of RTS, Tower Defence, and Survivors-likeNo nonsense action-packed high-tension gameplayRebuild a kingdom city-by-city in a company with hand crafted le.....
Banner of Land of Futures

Land of Futures

StrategyOpen WorldMedievalBase BuildingSingleplayerBuildingThird-Person ShooterCity Builder
Land of Futures is simply a village-building game. When you start the game, you choose one of three different races (elf, orc, human) and begin constructing your village with structures unique to that...
Banner of Troubadours


SandboxTradingStrategyNonlinearMedievalBase BuildingEarly AccessSingleplayer
In Troubadours, you start your own troupe of medieval entertainers, and lead them to glory while pursuing your own quest for justice.Life SimYou build your camp, made of tents and horse-drawn wag...
Banner of CarX Street

Top 10 New Best Racing Games For Android & iOS 2023 | High graphics Racing Games

Banner of Map Map - A Game About Maps

Map Map - A Game About Maps

SandboxCartoonCasualAdventureRelaxingBuildingThird PersonPuzzle
In this cozy single player game you explore wondrous landscapes to find the legendary lost treasure. In your search for clues, you travel from island to island and set up camp with your crew of adve.....
Banner of Citadel's Keeper

Citadel's Keeper

Turn-Based TacticsTacticalTower DefenseActionTurn-Based StrategyStrategyAction RtsCasual
JOIN DISCORDAbout the GameA turn based casual but in depth game in which you manage your resources, plan ahead, and build your city and army to defend the next day wave.Embark on a journey of strat...
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