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Top Co-op Campaign Games

Top Co-op Campaign Games

Banner of Wizzerd Quest 64

Wizzerd Quest 64

Pixel GraphicsLocal MultiplayerAction RPGCo-op CampaignFPSFirst-PersonCRPGCharacter Customization
Wizzerd Quest Is BACK!From the unhinged laboratories of Kondoorsoft comes Wizzerd Quest 64, an ambitious new action RPG designed to evoke the sentiments of the classic RPGs that inspired it, streamlin...
Banner of Mazepocalypse


Pixel GraphicsPost-apocalypticRetroLocal MultiplayerCo-op Campaign4 Player LocalZombiesAction
Mazepocalypse is a dot-collecting arcade style game inspired by classics, but with a twist! Instead of getting a GAME OVER when coming into contact with the undead, you'll initiate combat with them!.....
Banner of Spacewind The Zeppelin

Spacewind The Zeppelin

Pixel GraphicsLocal MultiplayerSide ScrollerSci-fiCo-op CampaignActionFlightPvE
HistoryIn this world, there are floating islands, and they are almost entirely dependent on air transportation.Kanahe was resting, when, suddenly, a zeppelin falls on his island,destroying it and fo.....

Football, soccer. Whatever you call it, these are the best.

Banner of From the Depths

From the Depths

SandboxVehicular CombatSurvivalCo-op CampaignVoxelActionNaval CombatNaval
Workshop for vehicles, planets and modsShare your vehicle blueprints, planets (factions, campaigns, missions, multiplayer maps) and mods via the workshopFeature ListA large map with AI factions to fi....
Banner of F.O.O.D.S.


Co-op CampaignLinearCartoonyStrategyFirst-PersonAliensCasualOnline Co-Op
Decode alien recipes and cook peculiar dishes while solving puzzles and working as a team to become the greatest fast-food service in the universe!Embark on an intergalactic culinary adventure in th.....
Banner of Just Plumbers in Hallowville

Just Plumbers in Hallowville

DarkShortPsychological HorrorCo-op CampaignPsychologicalActionThrillerHorror
Add to WishlistAbout the GameJust Plumbers in Hallowville is a game about plumbing, nothing more beyond this. There isn't anything to seek beHind it, just two brothers working to help people or anyth....
Banner of Technocide


Pixel GraphicsTacticalRobotsRetroScienceSci-fiVehicular CombatCo-op Campaign
THIS IS A SHOOT 'EM UP, NOT A DODGE 'EM UPThis game is about shooting swarms of enemies before they can reach your mothership. This is not a bullet hell where you need to dodge hails of bullets and .....
Banner of Superior: Vengeance

Superior: Vengeance

CartoonSci-fiCo-op CampaignAction RoguelikeActionSuperheroRoguelikeOnline Co-Op
Hunt superheroes, steal their powers, save the world.Team up with friends to battle evil, mutated superhero bosses and their army of twisted henchmen.Level up your charactersChoose from a cast ...
Banner of Penalty


Local MultiplayerAction RPGCo-op CampaignActionRPGOnline Co-OpCharacter CustomizationAdventure
The game named Penalty is a 2D adventure RPG, with unique gameplay mechanics, FBF animations, and beautiful sound and visual effects. The story of the game revolves around the world having rejected go...
Banner of Ship of Theseus

Ship of Theseus

Sci-fiCo-op CampaignActionOnline Co-OpCharacter CustomizationAdventureSpaceMultiplayer
Ship of Theseus is an intense Sci-Fi shooter with an in-depth story, developed by a solo developer in California. An atmospheric single-player campaign is accompanied by a fully featured co-op multipl...
Banner of PolyProject


Team-BasedCo-op CampaignFPSActionFirst-PersonCasualCharacter CustomizationFantasy
Welcome to PolyProject!
Banner of Potion Shop Simulator

Potion Shop Simulator

CapitalismCo-op CampaignStrategyCraftingCasualOnline Co-OpTime managementCharacter Customization
Step into the enchanting world of alchemy, where brewing potions is as simple as it is satisfying. Utilize the four Greek elements—Fire, Water, Air, and Earth—in straightforward combinations to creat....
Banner of Otherlights


Lore-RichAction RPGCo-op CampaignAction Roguelike4 Player LocalActionRPGFantasy
A world without sunDiscover alone or in a team, a dark universe entirely hand-drawn. Its luminous ambiances will take you on a journey. A world of magic where life has evolved to adapt to harsh condit...
Banner of Vantastic


Post-apocalypticLocal MultiplayerSurvivalCo-op Campaign4 Player LocalActionProcedural GenerationFirst-Person
Vantastic is a co-op road trip game in a diverse, infinitely generated world. The game gives you freedom, driving, survival and fun co-op elements all in one. Choose to play solo or with friends (with...


TacticalLocal MultiplayerVehicular CombatCo-op Campaign4 Player LocalActionCartoonySplit Screen
Top-Down Combat Racing like never before.DRIFT Your way around 40+ Race Courses, Story Mode, and the arcade-like Challenge ModeBOOM Use your winnings to Purchase Upgrades, Weapons, and precious Amm...
Banner of Keep Keepers

Keep Keepers

Tower DefenseCo-op CampaignAction RoguelikeActionCartoonyStrategyRoguelikeCrafting
Become a KeeperAbout the GameLooking for an easy to learn, hard to master co-op with lots of replayability?Keep Keepers merges the excitement of automation games with the strategic challenges of base....
Banner of Only Up!

HIDDEN GEM Hunt (PC) - series 3

Banner of A Lively Haunt

A Lively Haunt

Pixel GraphicsGoreRetroText-BasedShortCo-op CampaignPoint & ClickHorror
Stranded on the roadside when your car breaks down, you quickly begin to realize that a faulty engine is the least of your troubles. You find yourself surrounded by malicious assailants with strange, ...
Banner of Kobold Underground Agency

Kobold Underground Agency

SandboxCartoonEducationalSide ScrollerCo-op CampaignSplit ScreenFlightFamily Friendly
Engineering on the deepest level!Kobold Underground Agency is a light hearted, family friendly 2d vehicle building game designed from the ground up to be played in couch coop.The titular Kobolds ha...
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