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Top Cold War Games

Top Cold War Games

Banner of Whisker President

Whisker President

Cold WarCartoonCartoonyCatsPoint & ClickCasualTop-DownPolitical Sim
Help whisker president not get impeached and pass bills :3cComplete the president's job as you act as secret service agent to stamp all of the right bills with Wr. President, the adorable cat in a sui...
Banner of ARKWHALE


Cold WarScienceReal Time TacticsUnderwaterHistoricalMechsActionNaval
"Mankind built a new Ark to protect civilization. But unlike in the first time, they faced a paradox that was itself a disaster."ARKWHALE is a new submarine casual simulator. As the captain of a su...
Banner of Architect of the Union

Architect of the Union

Cold WarDarkTower DefenseActionStrategyAlternate HistoryPvETop-Down
Our Space!About the GameResource management: Construct essential buildings to gather key resources like food, wood, and metal, crucial for city survival and expansion.Strategic defense: Use those...

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Banner of R1sikoChess


Turn-Based TacticsCold WarTurn-Based StrategyNavalStrategySpectacle fighterDiplomacyTable game
UPDATES*** NEWS : On the date 20-11-2023, R1sikoChess upgraded from version 7.3 to 7.4, resolving a bug related to the game's audio. ***DESCRIPTIONR1sikoChess is an idea that was born in 2021 and deve...
Banner of Spectra


Cold WarNoirRetroHistoricalCapitalismActionFirst-PersonRealistic
It’s 1972, and an ascendant USSR is winning the Cold War against the United States, which has been in decline since a fascist coup deposed Franklin Roosevelt in 1933. You are Number 6, one of the Sovi...
Banner of Lifeless Moon

Lifeless Moon

CinematicPost-apocalypticCold WarDarkSci-fiActionFirst-PersonRealistic
Lifeless Moon, the spiritual successor to the popular 2014 indie title Lifeless Planet, is a 3D platformer that puts you in the center of a mysterious Moon expedition. This new adventure, inspired by ...
Banner of Kriegsfront Tactics - Prologue

Kriegsfront Tactics - Prologue

Turn-Based TacticsPixel GraphicsTacticalCold WarMechsVehicular CombatTurn-Based StrategyStrategy
Wishlist the full game here!网页链接About the GameKriegsfront Tactics - Prologue is the proof of concept for Kriegsfront Tactics, an upcoming p...
Banner of NODE


Cold WarRobotsDarkSci-fiTime managementAdventureTime ManipulationSingleplayer
N.O.D.E. is a puzzle platformer in 2.5.D that redefines the genre with its Timeline-based navigation. In this engaging and atmospheric adventure you guide your robot on a journey through enigmatic rem...
Banner of Cold Ground

Cold Ground

Pixel GraphicsCold WarRetroAction RPGActionAlternate HistoryRPGWar
At the collapse of the USSR, in 1991, some frozen conflicts began in its previous territory, which endures to this day. Milata split from the internationally recongnized state of Dalina, and after fiv...
Banner of Good Kill!

Good Kill!

DestructionCold WarHistoricalFPSActionLinearFirst-PersonRealistic
Immerse yourself in the heart of the Vietnam War with "Good Kill," a gripping first-person shooter (FPS) experience that puts you in the hot seat as a door gunner in a military helicopter. As the conf...
Banner of Radioquacktive


Post-apocalypticCold WarDungeon CrawlerAction RoguelikeActionBullet HellProcedural GenerationRoguelike
Radioquacktive is a roguelike dungeon crawler where you control a duck who has been tasked to explore a post-apocalyptic world in hopes to find supplies.In order to survive you will have to let go...
Banner of Oil and Sand

Oil and Sand

Cold WarTower DefenseActionBullet HellWarSingleplayerArcade
An exciting tower defense game where you have to defend your island from the invasion of enemy forces.Your task is to build and upgrade towers to repel waves of attacking enemies.Become a tru...
Banner of CHERNO


Lore-RichCold WarDarkPsychological HorrorSci-fiZombiesActionThriller
Game based on the creepy pasta "The Russian Sleep Experiment", tells the story of an intern who needs to do his internship in a clinic in the Soviet Union, while an explosion occurs that leaves them w...
Banner of Anomalous Deception

Anomalous Deception

Lore-RichCold WarDarkFPSCartoonyProcedural GenerationFirst-PersonDemons
Anomalous Deception is a first-person survival horror game created by HBunny.IMERSSIVE STORY!Taking place in an alternate late 1960s decades after WWII ended, the world seems even grimmer in fear of a...
Banner of 三国志觉醒


Turn-Based TacticsLore-RichCold WarRetroReal Time TacticsLevel EditorStrategyRPG
Banner of To Victory

To Victory

Cold War4XGrand StrategyHistoricalCartoonyStrategyAlternate HistoryDiplomacy
This is a single player strategy management game.Base on a randomly generated map.It includes construction, trading, strategy, and management elements . Players need to make decisions to achieve the ....
Banner of Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile

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Banner of SpaceFront


Cold WarReal Time TacticsDogCo-op CampaignStrategyRoguelikeAlternate HistoryOnline Co-Op
Play as Belka, son of a Soviet space program dogs lost in the galaxy. Control and command your clone army in this RTS inspired by such titles as Starcraft, Age of Empires and Red Alert. Experience pro...
Banner of The War in Chiapas

The War in Chiapas

CinematicPixel GraphicsCold WarCapitalismSide ScrollerActionStrategyConspiracy
The War in Chiapas is a fictional story inspired by true stories, set in the eighties in the jungle of Chiapas, Mexico. A group of brave young dissatisfied and idealistic people decide to create an ar...
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